The Rooster and The Fox Questions & Answers

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The Rooster and The Fox Questions & Answers

Question 1: Where was the rooster sitting?

Answer: The rooster was sitting on the branch of a tall tree.

Question 2: What are the foxes famous for?

Answer: The foxes are famous for their cunningness.

Question 3: Why was the fox happy on seeing the fat rooster?

Answer: The fox was happy on seeing the fat rooster because he was feeling very hungry and wanted some breakfast as soon as possible. He thought the rooster would make a fine meal for him.

Question 4: How did the fox try to fool the rooster?

Answer: The fox smiled up at the rooster and said to him that it was nice to see him as he was looking for a friend. He asked him to come down the tree so that they both could have a nice friendly talk.

Question 5: What did the fox want the rooster to do?

Answer: The fox wanted the rooster to come down from the tree so that he could have him.

Question 6: Did the rooster agree to come down?

Answer: No, the rooster was no fool for the fox’s trickery. He knew what the fox wanted. So, he didn’t agree to come down.

Question 7: What was decided in the meeting of the animals?

Answer: It was decided in the meeting that all the animals and all the birds will be friends from now on. They have agreed to live in peace. Mice can be friends with cats. Birds can be friends with foxes. Frogs can be friends with storks. No more eating each other. Peace has been made forever.

Question 8: How did the rooster scare the fox?

Answer: The rooster scared the fox by saying that a big pack of dogs were running fast and would reach to them any minute. So, they all would have a party.

Question 9: What is the moral of the story?

Answer: The moral of the story is that we must never fall prey to false praises. It can put us in trouble. The rooster in the story saved himself from being eaten by the fox by not paying attention to the fox’s lies. He used his mind to scare the fox away.

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