Traffic Sense Questions & Answers

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Traffic Sense Questions & Answers

Question 1: What are the causes of traffic accidents?

Answer: The causes of traffic accidents are:

  • Carelessness
  • Lack of road sense
  • Violationof traffic rules

Question 2: How can avoid accidents?

Answer: We can avoid accidents if we are careful on the road and strictly follow the traffic rules.

Question 3: What is the importance of traffic lights?

Answer: The traffic lights are really important because they regulate the traffic and also save us from accidents.

Question 4: How is traffic controlled in big cities?

Answer: In big cities, the traffic is controlled by traffic signals.

Question 5: What should a driver do when there is a red light?

Answer: When there is a red light, a driver should stop and wait for the green light to turn on.

Question 6: Choose the correct option:

1. Accidents are caused by

(a) crowded roads
(b) traffic jams
(c) carelessness of the people
(d) rash driving

2. Do not walk on the road

(a) if there are so many people
(b) if there is a pavement
(c) if there is a traffic jam
(d) if you are in a hurry

3. Zebra crossings are

(a) for the safety of the pedestrian
(b) for traffic control
(c) for the decoration of road
(d) for people to cross the road

4. When the light turns yellow

(a) we must stop and wait
(b) we must move on
(c) we must get ready without moving
(d) we must keep an eye on the light

5. The number of accidents can be decreased

(a) if the people have traffic sense
(b) if the people are more careful
(c) if the people do not walk into the road
(d) if the people walk only on pavements


Traffic Sense Questions & Answers

(a) path for the cyclist
(b) pedestrian path
(c) no parking
(d) no entry for the cyclist

So, these were Traffic Sense Questions & Answers.

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