Karate Parrot Questions & Answers

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Karate Parrot Questions & Answers

Question 1: How do we know that the three friends often met at the café?

Answer: We know that the three friends often met at the café through the statements like: Adil and Babar were sitting in their usual seats by the window. Sameer says, ‘especially when I am in here, most of the time, with you two’.

Question 2: Who showed an interest in Sameer’s foot?

Answer: Babar and the waiter showed an interest in Sameer’s foot. Babar asks him what he has been up to. The waiter looks curiously at his foot.

Question 3: What was the main reason Sarah wanted to keep a pet?

Answer: Sarah wanted a pet to keep her company because she was lonely.

Question 4: Where did Sarah go to purchase a pet?

Answer: Sarah went to the pet shop on the corner of GT Road and Flowers Street beside the milk depot to purchase a pet.

Question 5: How did the assistant demonstrate the parrot’s skill?

Answer: The assistant demonstrated the parrot’s skill by placing an old chair in the middle of the shop, letting the parrot out of its cage, and saying in a loud voice, ‘Parrot! Karate chair!’

Question 6: How did Sarah test the parrot’s ability?

Answer: Sarah tested the parrot’s ability by allowing the parrot to practise its skills on her old boxes, crockery, and other useless items.

Question 7: Why did Babar and Adil remain silent throughout the story?

Answer: Babar and Adil remained silent throughout the story because they found it all too incredible.

Question 8: How did the parrot come to attack Sameer?

Answer: When Sameer returned home, he asked his wife about the parrot. When he heard it was a ‘karate parrot’ he expressed his disbelief by saying, ‘Parrot! Karate? My foot!’ The parrot immediately attacked his foot.

Question 9: What was Sameer’s view about keeping pets?

Answer: Sameer’s wife had to beg him to allow her to keep a dog or a cat as a pet, and Sameer did not get her one. This shows he was not too keen on keeping a pet. He thought a flat was too small for a pet, and it would be unfair to keep one there. (After the ‘accident’ he would probably have been very much against the idea of keeping any kind of animal in the flat.) He calls the parrot ‘vile’.

Question 10: Explain the following in your own words:

a. I was staggered

Answer: I was amazed. (filled with disbelief)

b. Proudly declared

Answer: boasted

c. Karate parrot

Answer: a parrot that can do karate

d. Too incredible

Answer: most amazing (far-fetched and unbelievable)

e. Lost for words

Answer: unable to speak from surprise; speechless

f. Service counter

Answer: Reception

Question 11: Read the lines and answer the questions:

a. I found out later that she ended up in the strange little pet shop.

(i) Who made this statement and to whom?

Answer: Sameer made the statement to Adil and Babar.

(ii) In the story being told by the speaker, what had he/she been doing earlier?

Answer: He (Sameer) had been into the city, had visited the bank, and done some shopping.

(iii) Why did ‘she’ go to a pet shop?

Answer: She (Sarah) went into the pet shop to get a pet cat or dog, because she was lonely at home.

b. He stood there looking very pleased with himself.

(i) Who was standing looking pleased with himself?

Answer: The parrot was standing looking pleased with himself.

(ii) Why was he looking so pleased?

Answer: He was looking so pleased because he had just smashed a chair to pieces.

(iii) What reaction did other people have to the event that had just taken place?

Answer: Sarah is astonished and pleased; she buys the parrot.

So, these were Karate Parrot Questions & Answers.

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