Living In A Beautiful World Questions & Answers

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Living In A Beautiful World Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Garbage – trash
  • Carton – cardboard box
  • Choked – blocked
  • Breed – give birth
  • Puddles – small pits of water
  • Furnaces – kiln
  • Dumps – heaps of garbage

Question 1: Write True or False:

(a) People throw even useful things outside – False
(b) The heaps of garbage look ugly and unpleasant – True
(c) Puddles of dirty water are the favourite place of mosquitoes – True
(d) Trash from schools is loaded into garbage trucks – True
(e) A clean and beautiful place gives pleasure to everyone – True

Question 2: What were the municipal workers doing?

Answer: The municipal workers were collecting rubbish in a garbage trolley.

Question 3: List some of the things people should throw into dustbins.

Answer: Some of the things that people should throw into dustbins are:
Waste papers, napkins, plastic bottles, wrappers, empty packets, slippers, etc.

Question 4: What makes the streets and markets look ugly and unpleasant?

Answer: The heaps of garbage in the streets and markets make them look ugly and unpleasant.

Question 5: How do the drains get choked?

Answer: Drains get choked by the wrappers and plastic waste materials thereby making the dirty water stagnate.

Question 6: Where do the workers put the trash from the dustbins?

Answer: The workers carry the trash in large containers and then, dump in open places to landfill sites outside the city.

Question 7: What do you mean by recycle?

Answer: Recycle is a process of reusing materials like plastic, iron, bottle, sheets of papers, polythene bags, tin foils and iron scraps.

Question 8: How will our cities and villages become beautiful?

Answer: The less use of plastic materials, throwing of waste materials into the dustbins and by learning to recycle them may reduce filth around us and will help in making our cities and villages clean and beautiful.

Question 9: How do we keep animals away from the garbage?

Answer: We can keep the animals away from the garbage by dumping the garbage into landfill and covering it with a layer of dirt.

So, these were Living In A Beautiful World Questions & Answers.

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