Lost in a Shop Questions & Answers

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Lost in a Shop Questions & Answers

Question 1: What were Bob’s parents doing in the department store?

Answer: Bob’s parents were buying a present for Bob’s birthday.

Question 2: Did Bob know what his parents were doing at the shop?

Answer: Yes, he knew that his parents were buying a birthday gift for him.

Question 3: Why did Bob begin to cry?

Answer: Bob began to cry when he didn’t see his parents around.

Question 4: How did the lady at the till try to comfort Bob?

Answer: The lady at the till tried to comfort Bob by saying that she would soon find where Bob’s parents were.

Question 5: What was Bob wearing? How old was he?

Answer: Bob was wearing blue coat and grey trousers. He was going to be seven the coming week.

Question 6: The lady at the till said something over the loudspeakers. What was it that made Bob cross?

Answer: The lady had not said Bob’s correct age on the loudspeakers. So, he was a little cross with her.

Question 7: Bob was lost in the shop. Do you think his parents were to blame for it?

Answer: No, Bob’s parents were not to be blamed for it. They had asked Bob to stay near the toy-window till they came back for him.

Question 8: When did Bob come to know what his parents had bought at the shop? How did he feel then?

Answer: Bob came to know of it on his birthday only. He felt very happy to see his gift.

Question 9: Write True or False:

1. Bob asked the lady at the till where his parents were – False
2. The lady told Bob that his parents were in another part of the store – False
3. The lady at the till took Bob to his parents – False
4. Bob asked his parents to buy a birthday present for him – False
5. Bob’s parents told him that they were buying a birthday present for him – False

So, there were Lost in a Shop Questions & Answers.

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