The Headless Gardener Questions & Answers

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The Headless Gardener Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Weeded – took out weeds (unwanted wild plants) from the ground
  • Wot – knows
  • Vain – useless
  • Noddle – head
  • Distress – worry; unhappiness

Question 1: Some stories are real, others are just make-believe.
Do you think this poem tells a true story? Do you think it is just make-believe?

Answer: I think this poem doesn’t tell a true story as nobody can give his head for repair. This poem is just a make-believe one.

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

1. Tobias Baird thought that________

(a) his head didn’t need any repair.
(b) his head needed only a little-repair.
(c) his head had gone completely out of order.

2. Tobias Baird didn’t get back his head because________

(a) he was in distress.
(b) he weeded path and plot.
(c) he had not sent up his address.

Question 3: Write a few pairs of rhyming words from the poem.

Answer: Wrong-long, plot-wot, vain-again, distress-address.

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