Five Little Chickens Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Five Little Chickens Questions & Answers.

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Five Little Chickens Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Squirm – a painful, writhing, uncomfortable movement
  • Gaze – a long steady look
  • Squeal – a long, high cry
  • Grief – a feeling of great sadness
  • Faint – weak; here it means: that can’t be clearly heard
  • Rye – a kind of foodgrain used to feed animals
  • Patch – small area of something
  • Scratch – rub something with nails or something sharp

Question 1: Find in the poem six rhyming pairs of words:


1. Gaze-maize
2. Squeal-meal
3. Grief-leaf
4. Cry-rye
5. Patch-scratch
6. Squirm-worm

Question 2: Write here what each chicken wants for its breakfast:


1. A fat little worm
2. A fat grain of maize
3. Nice little meal
4. A little green leaf
5. A little grain of rye

Question 3: What did the first and the second chicken wish for?

Answer: The first chicken wished to find a fat little worm and the second chicken wished to find a fat grain of maize.

Question 4: What do you understand by yellow meal?

Answer: Yellow meal means grains or pulses.

Question 5: What did the mother tell the five little chickens??

Answer: The mother told them to scratch the ground for food.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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