My Neighbours Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share My Neighbours Questions & Answers.

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My Neighbours Questions & Answers

Question 1: Give the name of the person who:

1. is a ‘baby’ doctor – Dr. Sudha
2. is a music teacher – Mrs Roy
3. fixes cars and trucks – Mr Roy
4. uses a cane for walking – Sheela Aunt
5. plays football with Manav – Nitin

Question 2: Write True or False:

1. Aunt Sheela is an old lady – True
2. Manav’s house has a red roof – True
3. Mr Roy gives Manav music lessons – False
4. Nitin’s house is painted light green – False
5. Aunt Sheela lives next door to Manav – False
6. Dr Sudha has asoka trees in her house – True
7. Manav is going to spend the Sundayat Nitin’s house – True

Question 3: Choose the correct option:

1. How long has Manav lived in the same house?

(a) For ten years.
(b) Ever since he was born.

2. What does Manav feel about his neighbours?

(a) He likes all of them.
(b) He doesn’t like one of them.

3. Who fixed Manav’s bike when it was broken?

(a) Nitin.
(b) Mr Roy.

4. Whose house has asoka trees in it?

(a) Mr Roy’s house.
(b) Dr Sudha house.

5. What would Dr Sudha do to know how much Manav was growing?

(a) She would give him shots.
(b) She would weigh and measure him.

6. Who is Mr Roy’s next-door neighbour?

(a) Dr Sudha.
(b) Aunt Sheela.

7. Why does Aunt Sheela use a cane when she walks?

(a) Because she has fever.
(b) Because she is very old.

8. How does Manav help Aunt Sheela?

(a) He takes her dog for a walk daily.
(b) He brings for her milk and apples daily.

9. Who is Nitin?

(a) Manav’s classmate.
(b) Manav’s music teacher.

10. Where are Manav and Nitin going to camp on Sunday?

(a) In the backyard of Nitin’s house.
(b) In the backyard of Manav’s house.

Question 4: Who is Mrs Roy?

Answer: Mrs Roy is a music teacher.

Question 5: Who has an old book of stories?

Answer: Sheela Auntie has an old book of stories.

Question 6: Where will Nitin’s father put up a tent?

Answer: Nitin’s father will put up a tent in the backyard of his house.

Question 7: What did Aunt Sheela make for Manav?

Answer: Aunt Sheela made pakoras and tea for Manav.

Question 8: What did the gorilla do with the man’s hat?

Answer: The gorilla put the man’s hat on his own head.

Question 9: Why did Manav go to the department store?

Answer: Manav went to the department store to buy milk and apples for Aunt Sheela.

Question 10: Who gave Manav shots when he was a baby?

Answer: Dr Sudha gave Manav shots when he was a baby.

Question 11: Which of Manav’s neighbours has a porch swing?

Answer: Aunt Sheela has a porch swing.

So, these were My Neighbours Questions & Answers.

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