Chuskit Goes to School Questions & Answers

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Chuskit Goes to School Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Eagerly – showing a lot of excitement about something
  • Ama-ley – ‘mother’ in Ladakhi language
  • Gonpa – a Buddhist monastery
  • Losar – a festival celebrating the Ladakhi or Tibetan New Year.
  • Amchi – a doctor practicing the Tibetan system of medicine, also called amchi
  • Julley – a greeting in Ladakhi language, meaning ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’
  • Aba-ley – ‘father’ in Ladakhi language
  • Level – to make the ground even or flat
  • Memey-ley – ‘grandfather’ in Ladhaki language
  • Azhang-ley – a term used with respect for an elderly man in Ladakhi language

Question 1: Write True or False:

(a) Chuskit got up early that morning because it was the Losar festival – False
(b) The school was very far from Chuskit’s home – False
(c) Chuskit went to school every day by bus – False
(d) Abdul was a student of class 6 at the government school – True
(e) Abdul offered to help Chuskit go to school – True
(f) Meme-ley was unhappy that Chuskit would be able to go to school – False

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

(a) Chuskit had never been to school because

i. she could not walk
ii. her parents could not afford the fees
iii. her parents felt that girls should not study

(b) Abdul was inspired to help Chuskit go to school because he was

i. Chuskit’s friend
ii. sensitive boy who had read that all children have a right to education
iii. also differently-abled

(c) Even when she got a wheel chair, Chuskit could not go to school at first as

i. the path to the school was too uneven and pebbly and her wheelchair could get stuck
ii. her parents did not allow her to go alone
iii. she could not move her wheelchair for such a long distance

Question 3: How was Chuskit different from her cousins?

Answer: Chuskit could not walk and do many things, which her cousins could.

Question 4: What did Chuskit often dream of?

Answer: Chuskit often dreamt of carrying a school bag and even eating a packed lunch.

Question 5: Read and answer the questions:
You can stitch better than any of them. And you draw very well.

(a) Who says this and to whom?

Answer: Aba-ley says this to Chuskit.

(b) Why does the speaker say this?

Answer: He says this because Chuskit is unable to walk and cannot do many things as easily as other children can.

Question 6: What did Chuskit’s father got her one day which made her happy?

Answer: Chuskit’s father got her a wheelchair (a chair which have wheels) which made her happy.

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:
And I will be able to go wherever I want!

(a) Who is the speaker here?

Answer: Chuskit is the speaker.

(b) Why is she/he not able to go wherever she/he wants?

Answer: She is not able to do that because she is unable to walk.

(c) Why will she/he be able to go anywhere now?

Answer: Now, she has got a wheelchair in which she can move around easily.

Chuskit Goes to School Questions & Answers

Question 8: Describe the route of Chuskit’s school from Chuskit’s home.

Answer: To reach Chuskit’s school first you have to take the big road and then walk along the lake, cross the river near the poplar trees, and then after a small climb you can reach the school.

Question 9: Why could Chuskit not go to school even after getting a wheel-chair?

Answer: Chuskit could not go to school even after getting a wheelchair because:
(i) The road to school was uneven. So, she could not cross the uneven roads with her wheelchair.
(ii) It was difficult to cross the river with a wheelchair without a flat surface bridge.

Question 10: How did Abdul help Chuskit? What does this tell us about him?

Answer: Abdul spoke to the Headmaster of the school, who got all the students and teachers to work on the path to level it and build a small bridge across the stream so that Chuskit was able to sit in her wheelchair and reach school to get education like other children. He was a helpful and caring boy who was sensitive to the needs of the others.

Question 11: What had the village education committee of Mentok Yul done for one of the children who could not walk?

Answer: The committee had helped build a special toilet for one of their children who could not walk.

Question 12: Do you think Chuskit’s grandfather was extremely attached to her?

Answer: Yes, he was extremely attached to her. He had tears in his eyes on the day Chuskit was going to school for the first time. He had never dreamt that he would get to see a day like this. He was very happy for her.

Question 13: Read and answer the questions:
‘I never dreamt I’d see a day like this!’ he thought to himself as he wiped a tear.

(a) Who is he?

Answer: He is Chuskit’s grandfather.

(b) What is he thinking about?

Answer: He is thinking that he was never dreamt of a day like this when Chuskit will be able to go to school.

(c) What does this show about his character?

Answer: It shows that he is a loving and caring person who loves his granddaughter. He was very much attached to her.

Question 14: What do you think would have happened when Chuskit went to school for the first time? How would she have felt when she got back home?

Answer: I think she would have been welcomed by all. She would have attended classes, eaten her packed lunch and enjoyed the day with other children. She would have felt extremely happy and shared her joy and experience with her family members on getting back home.

So, these were Chuskit Goes to School Questions & Answers.

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