The Will Questions & Answers

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The Will Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Where did Abdullah bin Saad live.

i. Kuwait
ii. Qatar
iii. Egypt

(b) When did Abdullah’s family start looking for Abdullah’s will?

i. Two days after his death
ii. Three days after his death
ii. Four days after his death

(c) How many camels did Abdullah leave behind him?

i. Eighteen
ii. Nineteen
iii. Twenty

(d) Who read Abdullah’s will?

i. Mukarram
ii. Ahmad
iii. Muhammad

(e) Who was Abdullah’s youngest son?

i. Mukarram
ii. Ahmad
iii. Muhammad

Question 2: Write True or False:

(a) Abdullah had the finest pedigreed camels – True
(b) Abdullah loved his camels like his own children – True
(c) Abdullah’s will was kept in the camel enclosure – False
(d) Mukarram was the eldest son of Abdullah – False
(e) Abdullah gave his sons bad advice in his will – False
(f) Ahmad was to receive one-ninth of the camels – False

Question 3: Who was Abdullah bin Saad?

Answer: Abdullah bin Saad was a man who lived in Egypt and bred camels for a living.

Question 4: How did Abdullah divide his camels in his will?

Answer: In his will, Abdullah bin Saad said that out of the eighteen camels, the healthiest and the best camel would go to his wife. The remaining seventeen camels would be divided amongst his three sons. His eldest son Ahmad would get half of the remaining seventeen camels, Muhammad would get one-third and Mukarram would get one-ninth.

Question 5: Why did the sons begin to quarrel after reading Abdullah’s will?

Answer: The sons began to quarrel after reading their father’s will because they were unable to divide seventeen camels in the proportions that their father Abdullah had written in the will.

Question 6: What did Rukaiya Khatoon do to solve the problem?

Answer: Rukaiya Khatoon added her camel to the seventeen camels. Now, the eighteen camels could be divided as per Abdullah’s will. Half of the camels which means nine camels were given to Ahmad. Muhammad got one-third of the camels, that is six camels. Mukarram got one-ninth of the camels, which is two camels.
Thus, the camels got divided according to Abdullah bin Saad’s will.

Question 7: What does Abdullah’s will tell you about his nature?

Answer: Abdullah bin Saad was a wise man. He knew that after his death, his sons might quarrel over property and belongings so, he prepared a will and ensured that his wife would keep them all together.

So, these were The Will Questions & Answers.

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