Making Friends Questions & Answers

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Making Friends Questions & Answers

Question 1: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. “You startled me! What’s the matter?”

(a) Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: Meg said these words to Jo.

(b) Why was the speaker startled?

Answer: Meg was startled because she was reading a book when Joe suddenly interrupted her by coming into the room and talking to her.

(c) What was ‘the matter’?

Answer: The matter was that Jo was intrigued by her neighbour Laurie. She felt that he needed someone young and lively for his company.

2. “We’ll never draw that curtain any more, and I give you leave to look as much as you like. I just wish, though, instead of peeping you’d come over and see us.”

(a) Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: Jo said these words to Laurie.

(b) Whom was the speaker referring to as ‘us’?

Answer: Jo was referring to her family as she said ‘us’. She meant her sisters and her mother.

(c) How did the listener describe what he saw behind the window?

Answer: Laurie told Joe that through their window he could see all the March sisters along with their mother sitting around the table near the fire. The sight was the picture of a happy family. He said that their mother’s face look very sweet behind the flowers at the window.

Question 2: Why was Meg horrified when Jo said she was going out?

Answer: Meg was horrified when Joe said that she was going out because it was a cold day outside and she could not believe that Joe would want to go out in this weather.

Question 3: What did Jo suggest Laurie should do to keep himself amused?

Answer: Jo asked Laurie to either read books or have someone to read books for him to keep himself amused.

Question 4: What items did Jo bring for Laurie, and from whom?

Answer: Jo brought Meg’s blancmange (a sweet dish) and Beth’s cats for Laurie and conveyed their mother’s love to him.

Question 5: How did Laurie know the names of the March sisters?

Answer: Laurie knew the names of the March sisters because he had often heard them calling to one another and could also see them through the window of their house while they sat together at the table with their mother.

Question 6: Describe the library in Laurie’s house.

Answer: The library in Laurie‘s house was lined with books and there were many pictures, statues as well as little cabinets full of coins and unused and interesting things. There were also portraits of a handsome stern faced elderly gentleman on one of the walls of the library.

Question 7: Whose portrait did Jo see in the library? How did she describe the person?

Answer: The portrait that Joe saw in the library was that of Laurie’s grandfather. Jo described him as having kind eyes but a grim mouth and he looked like a person who had a tremendous will. Though he did not look as handsome as her own grandfather but she still liked the portrait.

Question 8: “I am not quiet and nice”, Jo tells Laurie. Had you been in Laurie’s place, what impression would you have had about Jo?

Answer: Jo wants to be friends with Laurie. She tried to cheer him up when he was sad and lonely, invited him to visit her family. Therefore, if I were at Laurie’s place contrary to what Jo said about herself, I would have thought of her as a helpful, kind, loving and friendly person.

Question 9: Why do you think Laurie liked to look at the March family through their window?

Answer: Laurie was a shy and lonely boy without any company and a mother unlike the March sisters. He liked to see the March sisters sitting around the table with their mother and they presented the picture of a happy family.

Question 10: We saw Laurie’s grandfather……….

Answer: Although many things are not written about Laurie’s grandfather, it seems that Mr Lawrence was a very stately and elegant gentleman with the stern face and a grim mouth as per his portrait in the library.

So, these were Making Friends Questions & Answers.

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