Tenali Meets An Emperor Questions & Answers

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Tenali Meets An Emperor Questions & Answers

Question 1: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. “……you appear quite old. Even if this sapling takes root, grows and bears fruit, what would you gain?”

(a) Who said this and to whom?

Answer: The emperor said to Tenali Raman.

(b) Which sapling is the speaker referring to?

Answer: The emperor was referring to the mango sapling that Tenali Raman disguised as an old man was planting.

(c) What was the listener’s response?

Answer: The listener, Tenali Raman said that he was not planting it for his own sake but for others. Tenali said this that he enjoyed the fruits of the trees planted by his father. So, now he was planting a sapling so that it would bear fruits for those who live after him and this would be his reward.

2. “You are every bit as intelligent and wise as I had heard.”

(a) Who said this and to whom?

Answer: The emperor said this to Tenali Raman.

(b) Why did the speaker call the person intelligent and wise?

Answer: The emperor called Tenali Raman intelligent and wise because Tenali had managed to make him laugh.

(c) What did the speaker do immediately after this?

Answer: The emperor took Tenali to his palace and showered him with gifts.

Question 2: Who was Tenali Raman?

Answer: Tenali Raman was a famous jester and poet in the court of Krishandevaraya, the king of Vijaynagar.

Question 3: What did Raja Krishnadevaraya think when he saw the messenger in his court?

Answer: Krishnadevaraya thought that the emperor had sent his messenger to find an excuse to attack his kingdom.

Question 4: What instructions did the emperor give to his courtiers before Tenali arrived?

Answer: The emperor told his courtiers that if he found anyone laughing at Tenali Raman’s jokes, the person would be punished.

Question 5: How did Tenali decide where to plan the mango sapling?

Answer: The emperor went for a ride on his horse every morning. Tenali closely studied the emperor’s route and decided a spot by the Yamuna where he knew the emperor would see him.

Question 6: What did Tenali say that made the emperor give him the third bag of gold?

Answer: After the emperor gave Tenali Raman a bag of gold, Tenali said that the tree bore fruit only once a year and he had been awarded twice already for it. On hearing this, the emperor gave him the third bag of gold.

Question 7: What did Tenali Raman mean when he said to the Raja, “I will not let you down your majesty”?

Answer: Tenali meant that he would meet Raja’s expectations, would fulfill his wishes and will prove his mettle.

Question 8: Why was the emperor not angry with Tenali when he realized that he had been fooled?

Answer: The emperor was not angry with Tenali for fooling him because he had called Tenali to his court in Delhi to test his intelligence and wit. The emperor was impressed with Tenali and did not feel insulted.

Question 9: Do you think that besides being wise and intelligent, Tenali was a good person too? Why?

Answer: Yes, Tenali was a good person too because he was thinking not about his gain but also about others. He was planting a mango tree so that those who live after him enjoy its fruit.

So, these were Tenali Meets An Emperor Questions & Answers.

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