Henry Questions & Answers

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Henry Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False:

1. The chameleon is not a poisonous reptile – True
2. The gardener knew a lot about chameleons – False
3. Henry created no trouble at all – False
4. Henry got into the basket to frighten Mrs Ghosh – False
5. Miss Daniels rushed into the room on hearing the principal scream – True

Question 2: Read the lines and answer the questions:

Grandfather was in time to save the chameleon from certain death and brought the little reptile home.

(a) Where was the chameleon?

Answer: The chameleon was sunning himself on a shrub.

(b) What does the author tell us to show that the chameleon was harmless?

Answer: The author tells us that the chameleon was harmless as he was willing to eat from the author’s hand.

(c) Grandfather saved the reptile and brought him home. What does this tell us about the author’s grandfather?

Answer: This tells us that the author’s grandfather was a very good man, an animal lover, cared about animals and also had great knowledge about them.

Question 3: Read the lines and answer the questions:

Mrs Ghosh screamed, Henry would probably have liked to blush a deep red, but he turned a bright green instead, as that was the colour of the papayas. Mrs Ghosh’s assistant, Miss Daniels, rushed in, took one look at the chameleon and joined in the screaming.

(a) Why did Mrs Ghosh scream?

Answer: Mrs Ghosh screamed because she was scared and shocked when Henry, the chameleon, popped out of the fruit basket all of a sudden.

(b) Why do you think Henry turned a bright green?

Answer: Henry turned a bright green because of the colour of the papayas he was hiding in was also green.

(c) Which word in the given lines means ‘someone whose duty is to help’?

Answer: Assistant

(d) What did Henry do when Miss Daniels started screaming?

Answer: When Miss Daniels started screaming, Henry took fright and fled from the office, running down the corridor and into one of the classrooms.

Question 4: What danger did Grandfather save Henry from?

Answer: Grandfather saved Henry from certain death and brought the little reptile home.

Question 5: When the children saw Henry, they ran in all directions. Why did they do this?

Answer: The children ran in all directions because some were trying to run away from Henry and the others were trying to catch him.

So, these were Questions & Answers.

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