Meeta Gets Her Turn Questions & Answers

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Meeta Gets Her Turn Questions & Answers

Question 1: What were Meeta and Ritu doing in the playground?

Answer: Meeta and Ritu were playing in the playground.

Question 2: What would happen after Meeta counted to 100?

Answer: After Meeta counted to 100, they were supposed to switch turns on the swing.

Question 3: Why was Meeta upset?

Answer: Meeta was upset because Ritu didn’t get off the swing even after she counted to 100.

Question 4: Why did Meeta not tell her teacher?

Answer: Meeta didn’t tell her teacher because the teacher encouraged them to try to solve problems themselves first.

Question 5: What message did Meeta decide to try?

Answer: Meeta decided to try using an “I message” to express her feelings and request Ritu to get off the swing.

Question 6: Did the message work for Meeta?

Answer: Yes, the message worked for Meeta.

Question 7: Why was Meeta happy?

Answer: Meeta was happy because she successfully solved her problem and got her turn on the swing.

Question 8: Read the line and answer the questions:

1. ‘You counted too fast, it’s still my turn.’

(a) Who said this?

Answer: Ritu said this.

(b) To whom did the person say this?

Answer: Ritu said this to Meeta.

(c) Why was the other person counting?

Answer: The other person was counting as part of their agreement to take turns on the swing.

2. ‘Will you please get off?’

(a) Who said this and to whom?

Answer: Meeta said this to Ritu.

(b) Where was the person sitting?

Answer: Ritu was sitting on the swing.

(c) Why did the person tell her to get off?

Answer: Meeta told Ritu to get off because it was her turn on the swing.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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