Mowgli’s Brothers Questions & Answers

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Mowgli’s Brothers Questions & Answers

Question 1: Match the sentences given in Column A to the various Laws of the Jungle in Column B

Column AColumn B
1. An animal can’t changea) and eat man
2. No animal can killb) its hunting ground
3. When cubs can stand on their feet,c) two other wolves have to speak for it.
4. When the pack does not want a cub,d) the father has to bring in front of the pack
Answer: 1-a, 2-a, 3-d, 4-c

Question 2: Read the extract and answer the questions that follow:
‘Out!’ snapped Father Wolf. ‘Out and hunt with your master. You have done harm enough for one night.’

(a) Whom did Father Wolf dismiss?

Answer: Father Wolf dismissed Tabaqui, the jackal

(b) What did he realize, was the jackal’s intention?

Answer: He realized that Jackal’s intention was share the news of Sher Khan entering their territory and make them uncomfortable.

(c) Who is referred to as ‘your master’?

Answer: Sher Khan, the tiger is referred to as ‘your master’ here.

Question 3: Read the extract and answer the questions that follow:
‘Now go away, or…. You will go back to your mother….’

(a) Who says these words and to whom?

Answer: These words were said by Mother Wolf (Raksha) to Sher Khan.

(b) Who was she trying to protect?

Answer: She was trying to protect a man’s cub who has reached the wolf’s cave at night when his parents ran off after they were attacked by Sher Khan.

(c) What does this insult refer to?

Answer: The Mother Wolf was trying to remind Sher Khan, the tiger, that he no good to be called a beast. He has only attacked and kill weak cattle and now he is after the man’s child, which the Mother Wolf was trying to protect from him.

Question 4: How did the Father Wolf come out of sleeplessness?

Answer: Father Wolf scratched himself, yawned and spread out his paws one after the other to get rid of the sleepy feeling.

Question 5: Why did the wolves of India despise Tabaqui?

Answer: The wolves of India despised Tabaqui because he runs about making mischiefs, telling tales and eating rags and pieces of leather from the village rubbish-heaps.

Mowgli’s Brothers Questions & Answers

Question 6: When did the tiger run and hide from Tabaqui?

Answer: Tabaqui, the jackal is apt to go mad than anyone else in the jungle. When this happens, he forgets that he is ever afraid of anyone and runs through the forest biting everything that comes in his way. This is when the tiger too run and hide from Tabaqui as the madness is the most disgraceful thing that can overpower a wild creature.

Question 7: What did Tabaqui say to make the wolf couple uncomfortable? Why?

Answer: Tabaqui praised and complimented the wolf cubs on their face by saying, ‘How beautiful are the noble children! How large are their eyes! And so young too!’ He even said that the children of king are strong and bold from the beginning. He knew this that complimenting children on their face was treated as unlucky, however, he still did that to make the wolf couple uncomfortable. He did so to please himself as the wolves despised Tabaqui.

Question 8: What warning does Tabaqui bring to the wolves’ cave?

Answer: Tabaqui came to warn them that Sher Khan has come to hunt in their territory.

Question 9: What was the ‘Law of the Jungle’?

Answer: As per the law of the jungle Sher Khan had no right to change his quarters without due warning.

Question 10: How did the sound made by the tiger change? What did the Mother Wolf understand of it?

Answer: When the tiger attacked the woodcutter, the purr grew louder, and ended in the fill-throated ‘Aaarh!’ of the tiger’s charge. Then there was a howl – an un-tigerish howl from the tiger. By this the Mother Wolf understood that the tiger has missed the woodcutter and they were successful in running away from the tiger’s attack.

Question 11: Why did Father Wolf refuse to fulfil Sher Khan’s demand?

Answer: The wolves were not fond of Sher Khan as he was going against the law of jungle and interfering in their territory. Moreover, that night Sher Khan demanded that the wolves should handover the man’s child to him, to which the father wolf responded saying that, the wolves take orders from the Head of the Pack and not from a striped cattle-killer. In other words, he was trying to protect the man’s child from the evil intentions of Sher Khan.

Mowgli’s Brothers Questions & Answers

Question 12: Why did Sher Khan back off from the cave?

Answer: When Sher Khan came to the wolf’s cave looking for the man’s child, he could not enter the cave as he had little room to hold his paws on the ground. When Mother Wolf confronted him strongly, he knew that where he was standing, the Mother wolf had all the advantage of the ground and would fight to the death. So, he backed off from the cave.

Question 13: Why did the wolves dislike Sher Khan?

Answer: Sher Khan was lame by birth and because of that he had been hunting and living on the cattle of village near Waingunga river, due to which the villagers were angry with him and he has changed his territory and entered into Seeonee hills. Now, the wolves are afraid that Sher Khan will start killing the cattle of this village. This will enrage the villagers who will search the entire jungle for him and may even light fire and we will have to run away with our children to save ourselves. It was because of this, the wolves disliked Sher Khan.

Question 14: Who promised to teach Mowgli the ‘Law of the Jungle’?

Answer: Baloo, the sleepy brown bear promised to teach Mowgli the ‘Law of the Jungle’?

Question 15: What price did Bagheera pay for Mowgli to stay with the pack?

Answer: Bagheera had just hunted one fat bull, which he offered to the wolves, if they allowed Mowgli to stay with the pack.

Question 16: Name two animals who stand up for Mowgli at Council Rock as he is trying to be initiated into the pack.

Answer: Bagheera and Baloo stood up for Mowgli at the Council Rock.

Question 17: Why did you think Mowgli was not afraid to be with the wolves and panthers?

Answer: Mowgli was not afraid to be with the wolves and panthers as he was too small to understand these dangers for him. All he could see was a set of friends, family and brothers in the wolf cubs.

So, these were Mowgli’s Brothers Questions & Answers.

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