My Thirteenth Winter – A Memoir Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share My Thirteenth Winter – A Memoir Questions & Answers.

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My Thirteenth Winter – A Memoir Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) What is Sam’s learning disability called?

ii. Dyscalculia
iii. Dyslexia

(b) What is one reason Sam does not like spending the night at her friend’s house?

i. she gets bad headaches
ii. she gets bored
iii. she thinks that she is going to get sick

(c) Why doesn’t Sam like buying things?

i. she does not like shopping.
ii. she can’t count money or change correctly
iii. she does not have any money

(d) Why does Sam slouch down in class?

i. she’s afraid of being called on by the teacher
ii. she is tired
iii. she gets bored easily

(e) Sam’s anxiety leads to what?

i. stomachaches
ii. coughing
iii. insecurity

(f) In what grade was Sam diagnosed with her learning disability?

i. 6th
ii. 7th
iii. 5th

(g) What subject was Samantha unable to learn?

i. Math
ii. Science
iii. Social science

(h) What subject did Samantha find out she is good in?

i. Reading
ii. Math
iii. Writing

(i) Does Sam have a lot of friends at school?

i. a little bit
ii. yes
iii. no

(j) What does Sam like to do to vent her feelings?

i. sports
ii. swim
iii. writing

(k) My Thirteenth Winter – A Memoir is…………….

i. an autobiography
ii. a biography
iii. a fiction

Question 2: “No matter what I couldn’t do, I could write.” What are the things that Samantha couldn’t do and why?

Answer: Samantha couldn’t tell time, remember her locker combination and couldn’t count change even though she was in seventh grade. This was because she had a math-related learning disability.

Question 3: How was Mrs. William instrumental in making her classroom a place where Samantha could grow?

Answer: Mrs. William’s class was a place where Samantha felt she could grow because Mrs. Williams used to look at the content of her writing and overlook Samatha’s grammar and spelling mistakes.

My Thirteenth Winter – A Memoir Questions & Answers

Question 4: Why did Samantha think that she couldn’t write poetry initially? What did she learn about poetry later?

Answer: Samantha was struggling in other subjects so doubted her ability to write poetry. She also used to think that poetry has to rhyme, always be about love and is obscure. Later, she realized that this was not true. She learnt that poetry is a concise way to express feelings or describe the world around us and need not always rhyme.

Question 5: Why was the school resistant to giving special services to Samantha? Were they right in doing that? Why or why not?

Answer: The school resisted giving special services to Samantha because they were looking at her grades in Social Studies and English which were high. They also argued that as Samantha was well respected by peers and teachers, she did not have any behaviour related problems.

Question 6: Why was the standardized key Maths Test conducted? What were its results?

Answer: The standardized key Maths Test was conducted to identify if there was any reason for Samantha falling behind in Maths. The results concluded that there were 16 basic mathematical skills that she had not mastered and that she needed to be provided with practice sessions to focus on compensation skills rather than learning new material.

Question 7: Why did Samantha’s mother call upon Charlie Murphy to help Samantha?

Answer: Charlie Murphy was a painter. As Samantha used images for inspiration to write her poems, Samantha’s mother thought it was a good idea to borrow Charlie’s paintings. They helped as a starting point for Samantha’s poems.

So, these were My Thirteenth Winter – A Memoir Questions & Answers.

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