Nasir in Trouble Questions & Answers

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Nasir in Trouble Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Exciting – thrilling; something that stirs up the feelings
  • Explained – made the meaning clear
  • Platform – the raised surface at a train station that is level with the train, on which people stand
  • Stall – a small shop (like those in a market)
  • Trouble – anything that causes difficulty or worry

Question 1: What kind of a man was Uncle Sami?

Answer: Uncle Sami was a jolly man and told exciting stories. He was likeable.

Question 2: Where was Nasir going when he met the little boy?

Answer: Nasir was going to the Shalimar Bagh.

Question 3: Why was the little boy crying?

Answer: The little boy was crying because he had hurt his leg.

Question 4: What did the dog do when the boy felt over?

Answer: The dog ran off down the road and started to eat sausages off a meat stall.

Question 5: Why did the crowd chase Nasir?

Answer: The crowd chased Nasir because they thought his dog had stolen the sausages.

Question 6: Complete the following sentences:

1. Nasir liked (staying with) Uncle Sami.
2. Nasir caught hold of the dog’s lead.
3. Nasir’s uncle was a jolly man.
4. Nasir was frightened and started to run.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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