The Mulla’s Son Questions & Answers

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The Mulla’s Son Questions & Answers

Question 1: In which city was Akbar’s court?

Answer: Akbar’s court was in Delhi.

Question 2: What sort of people were at Akbar’s court?

Answer: There were many famous people at Akbar’s court. There were artists and musicians, dancers and poets; and clever scientists and writers, too. There was also a funny man, called Mulla Do Piyaza.

Question 3: What was Mulla Do Piyaza’s work at Akbar’s court?

Answer: Mulla Do Piyaza was a jester at Akbar’s court. He used to make the emperor laugh.

Question 4: How was Rafiq punished?

Answer: Rafiq’s mother chased him out of the kitchen for behaving badly. The frightened little boy ran to his room and hid under the bed. His mother decided to leave him there and so, he was made to stay under the bed all day.

Question 5: What did the Mulla’s wife ask her husband to do?

Answer: Mulla’s wife asked her husband to go to Rafiq and sweetly ask him to come out and have his dinner.

Question 6: Put the following sentences in correct order.


…1…There was a very funny man at Akbar’s court.
…5…His mother chased him.
…7…The Mulla came home and went to talk to his son.
…3…The Mulla had a son who was six years old.
…2…This man’s name was Mulla Do Piyaza.
…6…The boy hid under his bed.
…8…He joined his son under the bed.
…4…One day, the son behaved very badly.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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