Not Our Problem Summary & Questions & Answers

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Not Our Problem Summary & Questions & Answers

Not Our Problem Summary

This is a story to learn from as it portrays how there is a chain reaction to everything we do, thus we should always be careful and keep a check on our actions and decisions as we are the ones who will face the consequences of our own deeds. Like if the king would have asked someone to clean the honey drop in the first place there wouldn’t have been so much of chaos and destruction in his kingdom. His ignorant behaviour led to the ruins of his kingdom, he could have stopped this from happening had he acted responsibly listening to his advisor. We also learn through this story that prevention is better than cure.

Not Our Problem Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Sire – a word of respect when addressing a king
  • Drip – fall in drops
  • Adviser – one who gives good advice; minister
  • Plop – a soft sound like that of something solid dropping lightly
  • Civil war – a war between the people of the same country
  • Windowsill – outer ledge of a window.

Question 1: What were the king and his advisor doing one day?

Answer: The king and his advisor were eating honey on puffed rice one day.

Question 2: What did the king do unknowingly?

Answer: The king unknowingly let a drop of honey fall onto the windowsill.

Question 3: What was the result of the cat and dog fight?

Answer: The result of the cat and dog fight was that a fight began between the cat’s owner and dog’s owner and their friends too.

Question 4: How did it turn into a civil war?

Answer: The fight between the cat’s owner and the dog’s owner turned into a civil war when the soldiers too joined the fight.

Question 5: Why did the soldiers take sides?

Answer: When the soldiers arrived and heard the root cause of the fight, some sided with the cat’s owner and other sided with the dog’s owner.

This was Not Our Problem Summary & Questions & Answers.

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