Notes and Strokes Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Notes and Strokes Questions & Answers.

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Notes and Strokes Questions & Answers

  • Enquired – asked
  • Concerts – musical performances
  • Interview – a conversation where questions are asked and answers are given.
  • Thrilled – extremely happy
  • Mesmerized – captured the complete attention of
  • Passion – love

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

(a) Sam had painted more than fifty different kinds of birds. 
(b) Sam’s brother played the guitar.
(c) Shruti was a reporter from the magazine, ‘Talent India’. 
(d) Sam forgot everything else in the world while painting
(e) Sam’s family often performed together at concerts

Question 2: What was Sam’s interest?

Answer: Unlike the rest of his family’s interest in music, Sam loved his paints, brushes and sketchbooks. He painted more than fifty different birds; he forgot everything else in the world while painting.

Question 3: Why Sam’s family was called ‘the musical family’?

Answer:  Sam’s parents taught music. Father played the flute and the mother played violin. Sam’s brother Jay played guitar and his sister Romy played the drum. All of them could sing very well. They often performed together at concerts. Everyone in Sam’s family was into music. So, they were called ‘the musical family’.

Question 4: Which instruments did Sam’s family play?

Answer: Sam’s father played the flute and his mother played the violin. His brother, Jay played the guitar and sister, Romy played the drums. Sam’s parents also taught music.

Notes and Strokes Questions & Answers

Question 5: What did Shruti ask Mr. Raman over the phone?

Answer: Shruti told Mr. Raman that she had seen the wonderful musical performance by him and his family at the town-hall the previous week and she wished to feature them all in the cover story of the next issue of the magazine ‘Talent India’. She also asked him if she could interview the family.

Question 6: What did Sam’s family tell Shruti at the interview?

Answer: Sam’s father told them all about how he began learning music when he was four. His mother told them about her love for the piano. Jay and Romy also spoke about their musical interests.

Question 7: Why did Sam stay in his room instead of joining the family in the living room?

Answer: Sam was sad that he was not musical like the others in his family. He thought that there was no use sitting in the living room as the reporter had come to have a conversation with his family members who were into music.  So, he stayed in his room which was next to their living room.

Question 8: What did Shruti say when she saw the painting on the wall?

Answer: When Shruti saw the painting on the wall, she exclaimed that it was a very beautiful picture. She also asked if some fans of theirs had gifted them the painting. When she learnt that Sam had painted it, she also wanted to meet the artist.

Notes and Strokes Questions & Answers

Question 9: Why the magazine was titled Notes and Strokes?

Answer: The magazine featured the entire family including Sam who was interested in painting instead of music. Hence, notes refer to the passion for music and strokes refer to Sam’s interest in painting.

Question 10: Complete the following:

(a) Sam loved to paint, brush and sketchbook.
(b) Sam wished he could also play some instruments like his family.
(c) The interview was scheduled for Saturday at 9 a.m.
(d) Sam’s family was called the musical family because they performed together.
(e) The cover page of the magazine featured the entire family and was titled Notes and Strokes.

Question 11: Correct the following information:

(a) Shruti was a family friend.
Answer: Shruti was a reporter.

(b) Sam had two brothers.
Answer: Sam had one brother and one sister.

(c) The interview was scheduled for Sunday.
Answer: The interview was scheduled for Saturday.

(d) Sam’s mother played the flute.
Answer: Sam’s mother played the violin.

(e) The cover page of the magazine excluded Sam.
Answer: The cover page of the magazine included Sam.

So, these were Notes and Strokes Questions & Answers.

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