Mango Birds Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Mango Birds Questions & Answers.

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Mango Birds Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Amazement – surprise
  • Blossom – flowers
  • Tumbling out – falling out
  • Cluster – group
  • Delicious – tasty

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

(a) As the mangoes grew big and ripe, they became golden-yellow.
(b) The flowers fell and in their place small mangoes began to appear.
(c) Everyone was able to enjoy the mangoes because the wise animals shared it wisely.
(d) People obeyed the tree god because they believed that he protected the forest.
(e) In spring, the branches of the mango trees were covered with beautiful mango blossoms.

Question 2: What did the people who lived near the forest believe about the tree God?

Answer: The people who lived near the forest believed that it was the tree God who protected the forest.

Question 3: How did the animals share the mangoes?

Answer: The monkeys plucked the mangoes. They ate half the fruit and threw the rest down. Then, the wild rabbits and the deer finished them. So, everyone enjoyed the fruit and nothing was wasted.

Mango Birds Questions & Answers

Question 4: How was the golden-yellow oriole born?

Answer: The golden-yellow oriole was born from the mangoes.

Question 5: Did the man obey the tree god? Why?

Answer: No, the man did not obey the tree god because he was greedy.

Question 6: Why did the man come to the forest with bags?

Answer: The man came to the forest with bags so that he could pluck the mangoes and fill them in the bag.

Question 7: Write Yes or No:

(a) He had come with two of his friends – No
(b) The man listened carefully to the tree god – No
(c) One day a man arrived to pluck mangoes from the tree – Yes
(d) The tree god spoke to the man – Yes
(e) He had a big sack and a small bag – Yes

So, these were Mango Birds Questions & Answers.

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