Notice Writing Format – How To Write a Notice

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Notice Writing Format – How To Write a Notice.

A notice is a short and concise piece of writing, displayed in order to convey factual details like news and information. It is a method of communication which is to the point and is used to convey a message to a large audience. It is mostly advertised by being posted on notice or display boards, and in a few cases, are published in newspapers or magazines. In one of my previous posts, I have shared the Informal Letter Writing Format so, you can check that post as well.

Notice Writing Format – How To Write a Notice

The format of a notice should include:

  • Name of the institution/issuing authority
  • Notice
  • The issuing date of the notice.
  • Title
  • Body of the notice
  • The name of the person or organisation issuing the notice.
  • The date, time and venue, in case of an event or invitation.

Features of a Notice

  • It is always written in a box.
  • The title must be attractive. Increase the appeal of the notice by using bold letters, exclamations, words and phrases.
  • Include all the points and all questions such as, when, where, how, what time, etc. must be answered.
  • As it is a formal document so, the language should be formal.
  • The sentences must be short and grammatically correct.
  • The body of the message must not exceed fifty words.
  • Write in the third person. Words like ‘I’ and ‘We’ should be avoided.

Notice Writing Format

  • The name of the organisation and place of issue aligned at the centre.
  • Write ‘NOTICE’ in the centre.
  • The date of the issue aligned to the left-hand margin.
  • After the date, the title/subject of the content of the notice must be written, aligned centre.
  • The content of the notice should follow immediately after the title and must be brief and specific, aligned to the left-hand margin.
  • To end the notice, the name of the issuing person or authority must be placed aligned with the left-hand margin followed by the designation of the respective person.
  • Lastly, the notice must always be written inside a box.
Notice Writing Format


You are Nikhil/Prapti, the Head boy/Head girl of ABC International School, Chandigarh. Next month, your school will be publishing Annual Magazine. Write a notice for the notice board of your school inviting students to submit the write-ups. Give the necessary details.

Notice Example
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