One Stranded Bus and a Pond Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share One Stranded Bus and a Pond Questions & Answers.

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One Stranded Bus and a Pond Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option.

1. The writer talks about

(a) finding joy in simple things.
(b) avoiding tour groups.
(c) travel agencies misleading people.
(d) how natural things are.

2. The author was in Alaska

(a) to visit his family who lived there.
(b) because he was a part of a tourist group.
(c) as he was a travel writer.
(d) because he liked adventure.

3. The man at the start of this passage was in low spirits because

(a) he was lonely.
(b) he did not truly experience anything.
(c) he had not seen anything.
(d) he had seen too much.

Question 2: The man mentioned at the beginning of the passage was not happy. Why?

Answer: The man mentioned at the beginning of the passage was not happy because he had been there in Alaska since a week and had not seen anything. He did not truly experience anything.

Question 3: What did the writer come across while driving from Anchorage? What did he want to do?

Answer: While driving from Anchorage, the writer came across a tour bus along the shoulder of the highway with the engine wide open and a stranded group of tourists.

He wanted to interview this stranded group of tourists.

Question 4: What was the ‘Alaska Adventure’ that the tourist had paid for?

Answer: The tourists had been given brochures explaining where they would go and what they would see. They rose at a specified hour, ate at a designated time and boarded a bus that took them onward according to schedule. This was the Alaska ‘adventure’ they paid for.

Question 5: What was the ‘real adventure’ for the tourists?

Answer: The ‘real adventure’ for the tourists was that the bus broke down and they wandered into the woods.

Question 6: Describe what the writer saw at the pond.

Answer: At the pond, the writer saw a bird flickered through the limbs of a spruce. There was a bubble in the water at the far edge of the pond and a beaver surfaced, leaving a dainty V-pattern as it swam. It then dived and disappeared again.

Question 7: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. I followed her eyes back to the pond.

(a) Who is ‘her’ in this line?

Answer: ‘Her’ is a woman tourist.

(b) What did the speaker see when he ‘followed her eyes’?

Answer: The speaker saw the activities of the birds, beaver and squirrel in the pond.

(c) Where was the pond? Why were they there?

Answer: The pond was in the forest. They were just sitting at the edge of the pond and waiting for the bus to be in good condition.

2. Wet, dark brown eyes looked our way, perhaps astonished….

(a) Whose eyes are being referred to in this line?

Answer: Beaver’s eyes are being referred here.

(b) Why did the owner of the eyes look ‘astonished’?

Answer: The owner of the eyes look ‘astonished’ because it was shocked to see people sitting like statues around the pond.

(c) Who else was with the speaker? Where were they?

Answer: The tourists were there with the speaker. They were sitting around the pond like statues.

So, these were One Stranded Bus and a Pond Questions & Answers.

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