The Commentator Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Commentator Questions & Answers.

This poem is written by Gareth Owen. In my previous posts, I have shared the questions and answers Three Questions and A Nation’s Strength so, you can check these posts as well.

The Commentator Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option.

1. Which two teams were playing the match?

(a) England and Holland
(b) Holland and France
(c) England and Markey
(d) Markey and Francis

2. Who was the commentator?

(a) Francis
(b) Mrs Spence
(c) Gareth Owen
(d) Danny Markey

3. When was the match being played?

(a) morning
(b) evening
(c) afternoon
(d) late evening

4. Where did Markey find the ball?

(a) inside the dustbin
(b) near the cat
(c) in the drainpipe
(d) inside the compost heap

Question 2: How did the commentator begin the commentary?

Answer: The commentator began the commentary by greeting the audience with Good afternoon and welcoming them to the international match between England and Holland. He also introduced himself as Danny Markey to the audience.

Question 3: Where was the match being played?

Answer: The match was being played at Four Florence Terrace.

Question 4: What was the condition of the pitch?

Answer: The pitch was in a superb condition.

Question 5: Who was England’s captain? How old was he?

Answer: Danny Markey was England’s captain. He was nine years old.

Question 6: Who was Mrs Spence? How did she react to the events happening around her?

Answer: Mrs Spence was Danny Markey’s neighbour living next to place four Florence terrace.

She was not happy with the events happening around her.She was waving her head which means she would not let Markey have his ball back. Also, when Markey got his ball, Mrs Spence was chasing him all the way until he has past her.

Question 7: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. Jinking skilfully past the dustbin
And a neat flick inside the cat there

(a) What is going on in these lines?

Answer: Imaginary football match is going on in these lines. Danny Markey was playing football and suddenly avoiding other players and changing his direction, he passes from the dustbin and a cat there.

(b) Who was in possession of the ball here?

Answer: Danny Markey was in possession of the ball here.

(c) Whom did he get the pass from?

Answer: He got the pass from Keegan.

2. She is shaking her head,

She is not going to let Markey Have his ball back.

(a) Who is ‘she’ in these lines?

Answer: ‘She’ is Mrs Spence.

(b) Why was she shaking her head? What did it signify?

Answer: She was shaking her head as she did not want to let Markey have his ball back. It signified that she was very angry.

(c) Was Markey able to get the ball at last? How?

Answer: Yes, at last, Markey was able to get the ball. Markey suddenly stopped, waited for the door to get closed and then looked for the lost ball himself. He finally found the ball near the compost pile.

3. And that’s marvellous news
For the hundred thousand fans gathered here.

(a) What was the marvellous news  

Answer: Marvellous news was that Markey found the ball.

(b) Where were the fans gathered?

Answer: The fans were gathered at four Florence terrace.

(c) Identify the poetic device used in these lines.

Answer: Hyperbole which is used to exaggerate something to give it a larger look.

So, these were The Commentator Questions & Answers.

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