Learning The Game Questions & Answers

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Learning The Game Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Sachin met Achrekar Sir at the age of ________.

(a) Eleven
(b) Seven
(c) Nineteen

2. Achrekar Sir accepted Sachin to the camp after his ________ trial.

(a) First
(b) Second
(c) Third

3. Sachin’s ________ suggested him to move his school.

(a) Father
(b) Coach
(c) Brother

4. ___________ can never substitute for matchplay.

(a) Bowling
(b) Net practice
(c) Batting

5. The scorer credited _________ extra runs to Sachin.

(a) four
(b) six
(c) eight

Question 2: Was Sachin only interested in batting from the very start?

Answer: No, Sachin was not only interested in batting from the very start. He also loved bowling and tried his hand at different kinds of deliveries – medium pace, off-spin and leg-spin. As soon as he had finished with his batting, he would pick up a tennis ball and start bowling to whichever batsmen were around at that time.

Question 3: How could Sachin perform well at the summer camp trails?

Answer: To start with, Sachin trialed at the sub-junior nets. He had never batted before and felt fearful because of so many people around him. He wasn’t comfortable with batting and felt nervous when Achrekar Sir watched him closely. So, Sir was requested to pretend to go away and then observe his performance. Sachin was then at ease and started to hit the ball and so he performed well.

Question 4: Describe the daily ritual of Sachin and his uniform.

Answer: The session of the camp started every morning and evening at Shivaji Park and Sachin used to practice between 7:30 am and 10:30 am before making his way home for lunch. Then, he would return back in the afternoon and practice till late evening. His schedule was rigorous and he would be exhausted by the end of the day. He had to catch an early morning bus forty minutes before from Bandra to travel to Shivaji Park.

Sachin had only one set of cricket clothes, and he used to wash them as soon as he would return from the morning session. The clothes would dry out during lunch, and he would wear them again in the afternoon. The pattern was repeated in the evening and the same set of clothes were used for the following morning. The system worked well but the pockets would not dry and he had to play with wet pockets.

Question 5: How did Sachin find moving schools beneficial?

Answer: Sachin’s school had no cricket facilities so he had to change his school. Moving schools was beneficial to him as all the cricketers in the school were friendly to each other, even though they were in different divisions and sections. They played together during lunch breaks and discussed cricket all the time, and Achrekar Sir would coach them after school. Cricket was becoming his first love and everyone at home was very supportive. Joining Shardashram allowed him the opportunity to play competitive matches regularly and as a result his game rapidly improved him.

Question 6: Why was the final incident not ‘a happy occurrence’?

Answer: The final incident was not ‘a happy occurrence’ because Sachin had been credited six extra runs to his tally and this occurrence was seriously disliked by Achrekar Sir. Hence, Sachin acknowledged his mistake and promised never to allow such a thing to happen again.

So, these were Learning The Game Questions & Answers.

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