Padmini The Princess Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Padmini The Princess Questions & Answers.

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Padmini The Princess Questions & Answers

Question 1: What had happened to Padmini?

Answer: Padmini was badly hurt as she was caught and held in ropes and chains.

Question 2: Why was Padmini weak?

Answer: Padmini was weak because the wounds were giving her a lot of pain and she could not eat or drink properly.

Question 3: Why did Amma start to cry when she saw the gun?

Answer: When Amma saw the gun, she began to cry because she thought Manoj was going to kill Padmini.

Question 4: Manoj uncle was tired but he also looked happy. Why?

Answer: Manoj uncle was tired because it took a lot of time to clean and stitch Padmini’s trunk but at the end, he was successful in treating her so, he was happy.

Question 5: Why shouldn’t we show animals that we are afraid?

Answer: We shouldn’t show animals that we are afraid because it makes them feel that we might harm them.

Question 6: Why did Amma take Padmini to the river?

Answer: Amma took Padmini to the river because she wanted Padmini to drink water.

Question 7: Match the columns:

Column AColumn B
a. The elephant was caught and heldi. Amma fed some animals and birds.
b. Amma had named herii. to return to the forest.
c. While Padmini slept,iii. Padmini
d. At the old temple,iv. Manoj Uncle cleaned and stitched her trunk.
e. Soon, it was time for Padminiv. in ropes and chains.
Answer: a-v, b-iii, c-iv, d-i, e-ii

So, these were Padmini The Princess Questions & Answers.

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