Po-wan and the Four Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Po-wan and the Four Questions & Answers.

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 Po-wan and the Four Questions & Answers

Question 1: How did Po-wan get his name?

Answer: When Po-wan was born, it was fortold that one day he would be rich and have million pieces of gold so, he got the name Po-wan that means a million pieces of gold.

Question 2: How did Po-wan get across the river?

Answer: The snake took Po-wan across the river on its back.

Question 3: Who said to whom?

(a) ‘I am a thousand and one years old, yet I am not a dragon.’

Answer: The snake said to Po-wan.

(b) ‘I looked after them well for twenty years.’

Answer: The rich man said to Po-wan.

(c) ‘She will start speaking when she sees the man she will marry.’

Answer: Kuan Yin said to Po-wan.

Question 4: What did the innkeeper want Po-wan to ask Kuan-yin?

Answer: The innkeeper wanted Po-wan to ask Kuan Yin that why his daughter could not speak.

Question 5: What were the first words the innkeeper’s daughter spoke?

Answer: The first words the innkeeper’s daughter spoke were, ‘welcome back Po-wan!’

Question 6: Why weren’t the plants and trees of the rich man’s garden flowering and bearing fruit?

Answer: The plants and trees of the rich man’s garden were not flowering and bearing fruit because there were seven caskets of gold and silver in his garden that he would have to give away.

Question 7: What are the rewards Po-wan got for keeping his promises to the Great Snake, the innkeeper and the rich man?

Answer: Po-wan got half of rich man’s treasure, the innkeeper’s daughter as his wife and six pearls of the snake as reward for keeping his promises.

Question 8: Did Po-wan get the answer to the question he did not ask? How?

Answer: Po-wan got the answers to his questions he did not ask when he became rich through the rewards he got as a result of helping others.

Question 9: Was Po-wan right not to ask his own question to Kuan-yin? Why?

Answer: Po-wan was right not to ask his questions because by helping others, he got his rewards and ultimately, his question was answered.

Question 10: Suggest an alternative title for this story.

Answer: An alternative title for this story can be – ‘Po-wan Generousness and the Four Questions’.

So, these were Po-wan and the Four Questions & Answers.

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