The Keys to Heaven Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Keys to Heaven Questions & Answers.

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The Keys to Heaven Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. The king wanted to discuss the ______ with ministers.

a. new palace project
b. new city project
c. new road project

2. The Sadhu had come from the

a. Kashmir
b. Himalayas
c. Ratnagiri

3. The Sadhu can cure illnesses by

a. performing poojas
b. giving medicines
c. giving good wishes

Question 2: Write true or false:

1. The Sadhu had many devotees – True
2. Krishnadevaraya wanted to meet the Sadhu – False
3. Tenali Raman had no respect for the Sadhu – True

Question 3: Who said the following?

1. ‘Good Sadhus never charge money for their service to the people.’

Answer: Krishnadevaraya

2. ‘Advise me, my lord, how I can get rich.’

Answer: Villager 2

3. ‘I am the luckiest man in the world.’

Answer: Rama

Question 4: Where had the king’s ministers gone?

Answer: The king’s ministers had gone to meet great Sadhu who came from Himalayas.

Question 5: What did the devotees offer the Sadhu?

Answer: The devotees offered the Sadhu gold coins, clothes, animals, grains, vegetables and fruits.

Question 6: What magical powers did the Sadhu have?

Answer: The Sadhu had the magical powers to produce coins, ash and fruits from the air.

Question 7: What promise did the Sadhu make to the villager who wanted to be rich?

Answer: The Sadhu promised to the villager to make him rich by performing a puja at his home.

Question 8: How would the Sadhu’s puja for Tenali Rama be helpful, according to him?

Answer: It would be helpful for Tenali Rama because it would make him live young for two hundred years.

Question 9: Why did the people pluck hair from the Sadhu’s beard?

Answer: Tenali announced that each hair of the Sadhu’s beard holds the power to take them directly to heaven as he is a holy man. That is why people started plucking hair from his beard.

Question 10: How could people get rich, according to Tenali Rama?

Answer: According to Tenali Rama, people could get rich by working hard.

Question 11: Why do you think the Sadhu chose to stay in the village and not in the city?

Answer: The Sadhu chose to stay in the village because it was easier for him to make fool of the villagers than the city people.

Question 12: Is it possible that the Sadhu was really a holy man?

Answer: No, the Sadhu was not really a holy man. He was an imposter, only pretending to be a holy man.

So, these were The Keys to Heaven Questions & Answers.

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