Elephants Questions & Answers

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Elephants Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Biologists – scientists who study plants and animals
  • Shrubs – small bushes
  • Snorkel – a breathing tube used while swimming underwater
  • Twigs – small, thin branches of a tree
  • Majestic – impressive and noble-looking
  • Fusion – joining together
  • Vibrations – small and continuous movements
  • Pageant – an outdoor show
  • Deity – God

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

(a) An elephant’s nose is called a trunk.
(b) An adult elephant eats 200 kilograms every day.
(c) A female elephant is called cow.
(d) An elephant’s tusk is also called ivory.
(e) Elephant pageants are organized in Kerala.

Question 2: Describe how an elephant looks.

Answer: Elephants are big animals with long noses called trunks. Their big ears flap like fans. Their skin is grey-black. They have some short hair on their backs and tails.

Question 3: What are the differences between an African elephant and an Asian elephant?

Answer: Asian elephants are smaller in size than the African elephants. They also have smaller ears.

Question 4: What food do elephants eat?

Answer: Elephants eat grasses, shrubs, twigs, leaves and bark from trees.

Question 5: How do the elephants show friendship?

Answer: Elephants show friendship by twisting together their trunks to greet one another.

Question 6: Why do some people kill elephants?

Answer: Some people kill elephants to steal their tusks.

Question 7: How do elephants hear with their feet?

Answer: Elephants hear with their feet by feeling the vibration from the ground.

Question 8: Elephants are intelligent as humans. Write True or False.

Answer: False

So, these were Elephants Questions & Answers.

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