The Fairy At The Spring Questions & Answers

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The Fairy At The Spring Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Arrogant – proud
  • Pitcher – a large jug
  • Resembled – looked like
  • Rinsed – cleaned with water
  • Boon – blessing
  • Polite – having good manners
  • Precious – valuable
  • Scolded – blamed using angry words
  • Instant – moment
  • Scattered – threw about
  • Flagon – a large container for drinking
  • Sulkily – annoyed and keeping silent
  • Thrash – beat severely

Question 1: Write True or False:

(a) The mother loved both her daughters equally – False
(b) The younger girl resembled her mother – False
(c) The old woman at the spring was a fairy – True
(d) The elder girl happily agreed to go to the spring – False
(e) The king’s son was kind to the young girl – True

Question 2: What was the fairy’s boon to the girl?

Answer: The girl was given a boom by the fairy that whenever she speaks, precious stones, pearls and flowers will fall from her mouth.

Question 3: Why did the mother send the elder child to the spring?

Answer: The mother sent the elder child to the spring because she wanted diamonds, pearls and flowers to fall from her daughter’s mouth too.

Question 4: Does the story mention the name of any character? Whose?

Answer: Yes, the story mentions the name of a character who is fairy.

Question 5: Why did the fairy appear in the dress of a princess to the elder girl?

Answer: The fairy appeared in the dress of a princess to the elder girl because she wanted to test the girl’s nature.

Question 6: Was the younger girl fortunate? How?

Answer: Yes, the younger girl was fortunate because she got a boon from the fairy, escaped from her cruel mother’s house and got a prince as her husband.

Question 7: What is your opinion about the mother’s treatment of her children?

Answer: The mother treated her two children unequally which is not the right thing. A mother should not be biased and should give equal love and affection to all her kids.

So, these were The Fairy At The Spring Questions & Answers.

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