The Elephant and The Pots Questions & Answers

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The Elephant and The Pots Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Grand – impressive and large
  • Procession – a line of people that move along slowly
  • Borrow – to take and use something that belongs to somebody else

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Velan was making arrangements for his

i. sister’s wedding
ii. son’s wedding
iii. brother’s wedding

(b) Why did Velan need an elephant?

i. He liked a good elephant ride.
ii. For a procession on the night of his son’s wedding.
iii. He loved elephants.

(c) Why was Velan unable to return the elephant to Manikchand?

i. because the elephant refused to move.
ii. because it was stolen during the procession.
iii. because it died.

(d) Manikchand complained to the

i. judge
ii. sarpanch
iii. panchayat

Question 2: Write True or False:

(a) On the day of the wedding, the bride and the bridegroom went riding on the horse – False
(b) Only two men in the village had elephants – False
(c) Manikchand did not agree to take the money from Velan – True
(d) Velan did as the judge told him – True
(e) Manikchand did not get anything at last – True

Question 3: Where did Velan live?

Answer: Velan lived in a village called Puliyur.

Question 4: What did Velan want?
Why did Velan need an elephant?

Answer: Velan wanted to take his son and the bride on an elephant’s back round the village in a procession.

Question 5: What happened on the wedding night?

Answer: On the wedding night, when Velan was taking the elephant back to Manikchand’s house, the elephant suddenly fell down and died.

Question 6: Why did Manikchand take Velan to the court?

Answer: Manikchand wanted his only elephant and not any other so, he took Velan to the court.

Question 7: Why was Manikchand not ready to take money from Velan?

Answer: Manikchand was not ready to take money from Velan because he wanted the same elephant that he had lent out.

Question 8: Why did the judge ask Velan to keep the pots near the door?

Answer: The judge wanted Manikchand to accidentally break the pots in order to him a lesson.

Question 9: What do you think is right in the story – Manikchand or Velan? Why?

Answer: Velan was right because he was ready to give the money or another elephant to Manikchand.

Question 10: What do you learn from this story?

Answer: The lesson learnt is – we should not be stubborn.

Question 11: Write words from the passage that mean the same as:

(a) Hard to convince – Stubborn
(b) Take something to return later – Borrow
(c) Hurried or quick – Suddenly
(d) One who makes clay pots – Potter

So, these were The Elephant and The Pots Questions & Answers.

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