Robinson Crusoe Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Robinson Crusoe Questions & Answers.

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Robinson Crusoe Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) How old was Robinson when he went on his first voyage?

i. eighteen
ii. nineteen
iii. twenty
iv. twenty-one

(b) What did Robinson do in Brazil?

i. sailing
ii. farming
iii. baking
iv. fishing

(c) Who did Robinson find in the wreck of a ship?

i. a child
ii. a dog
iii. a middle-aged Man
iv. an old man

Question 2: What did Robinson Crusoe want to be?

Answer: Robinson Crusoe wanted to become a Sailor.

Question 3: How old would have Robinson been by the time he left the island?

Answer: He was about Sixty years old.

Question 4: Read the sentence and answer the questions:

“He went on his first voyage at the age of nineteen”.

(a) Who is “He”?

Answer: “He” refers to Robinson Crusoe.

(b) What did “He” want to become?

Answer: He wanted to become a sailor.

(c) What happened on his first Voyage?

Answer: It was a disastrous voyage. There was a heavy storm and the ship was wrecked.

(d) What does “He” do after his first voyage?

Answer: He went to Brazil and he became a farmer.

Question 5: How did Robinson reach the Island?

Answer: Robinson Crusoe who was a sailor, one day he had to go to Africa for business on the way there was a storm. The storm was fiercer. His Ship was wrecked and Robinson Crusoe was washed to a lonely uninhabited island.

Question 6: How did Robinson loneliness go away?

Answer: Robinson Crusoe was an expert in farming. He started growing rice and barley. He tamed a few goats for milk, from which he learned to make butter and cheese. In this way, he avoids his loneliness.

Question 7: Why did Robinson name the man Friday?

Answer: Robinson named the man Friday because he had been rescued on a Friday.

Question 8: Which country was Friday from? Write the sentence which tells you that.

Answer: Friday was from Spain. The Sentence is “he ran to it and saw that it was a Spanish ship and in it was a survivor a middle-aged man”.

Question 9: Were Robinson and Friday good friends? Give reasons to support your answer.

Answer: Yes, Robinson and Friday were good friends. After Robinson rescues him, Friday becomes a competent and loyal to Crusoe and also, Friday remained with Robinson Crusoe.

Question 10: Who were the men seen by Robinson?

Answer: One evening, Robinson Crusoe saw about a dozen of men. They were pirates from another land.

Question 11: Why was Robinson scared to see the footprints?

Answer: Robinson was Scared to see the footprints because he had been alone there.

Question 12: Do you think Robinson Crusoe was brave? Why / Why not.

Answer: Yes, Robinson Crusoe was brave and his courage makes the impossible possible.

So, these were Robinson Crusoe Questions & Answers.

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