Jal The Little Drop Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Jal The Little Drop Questions & Answers.

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Jal The Little Drop Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Why does Master Mountain say, “I have every right to do so!”?

i. Master Mountain’s great, great grandfather formed Jal.
ii. Jal is young.
iii. Master Mountain is stronger than Jal.
iv. Master Mountain is older than Jal.

(b) Why does Master Mountain call Jal life giver?

i. Everyone loves him.
ii. All living things will die without Jal.
iii. He helps everyone.

(c) Who tells Jal that he is changing?

i. Sir Sun
ii. Aunty River
iii. Wise Fish
iv. Miss Air

Question 2: Who is Jal? Why does he call himself free?

Answer: Jal is a little drop of water. Jal can flow anywhere, so he calls himself free.

Question 3: Why was Jal fed up? What did he want?

Answer: Jal was fed up of being Jal and of going through the same water cycle. Now, Jal wanted a change.

Question 4: Why does Jal want a change?

Answer: Jal wants a change because it is bored and tired of doing the same water cycle for years and years. Jal is also fed up of being made up of the same old gases, hydrogen and oxygen.

Question 5: Why does Jal feel that Master Mountain is the person who can help him?

Answer: Jal feels so because it was created by Master Mountain’s great, great grandfather, Grand Master Volcano.

Jal The Little Drop Questions & Answers

Question 6: “Don’t be too happy.” Why does Wise Fish say this?

Answer: Jal had changed in a way that polluted him. That is why the Wise Fish says this.

Question 7: Read the sentence and answer the questions:

“It means that you are becoming dirty”.

(a) Who said these words to whom?

Answer: These words were said by the wise fish to Jal.

(b) Why was the listener getting dirty?

Answer: Jal was getting dirty as factories threw out chemicals into rivers and streams and man dumped sewage into many sources of water.

(c) Was the listener happy?

Answer: No, Jal was not happy.

(d) What happens next?

Answer: Jal goes to a city and sees how factories are polluting the river.

Question 8: What advice did Sun give to Jal?

Answer: The Sun advices that change without reason is not good.

Question 9: What happens to Jal in the city?

Answer: Jal becomes polluted in the city.

Question 10: What does Sun mean by saying “if any of us were to change, everything in the world would be in chaos”.

Answer: Sun knows that change without reason is not good because living beings depend on water (Jal), Sun and air, and mountains for life.

Question 11: What do you think is pollution? How many kinds of pollution are you aware of?

Answer: Pollution mean becoming dirty. Kinds of pollution are: – Air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution.

Question 12: What kind of change is pollution – good or bad? Support your answer with a reason.

Answer: Pollution is a bad change because it causes harm to living and lifeless objects in all forms.

Question 13: What kind of change does Jal want in the end?

Answer: In the end, Jal asks for a change for a cleaner environment.

Question 14: Do you think change just for the sake of change is good?

Answer: No, change just for the sake of change is not good.

Question 15: Nature has given as many valuable things. Do you think it is our duty to preserve them? Why/ why not?

Answer: Yes, it is our duty to preserve the valuable things given to us by nature because our day-to-day life depends on them. All these valuable things are important for a healthy and beautiful environment.

So, these were Jal The Little Drop Questions & Answers.

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