Tara and Appu Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Tara and Appu Questions & Answers.

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Tara and Appu Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Trampling over – here, stepping on the flowers
  • On the loose – running around freely
  • Rushing – to move along violently, in a hurry
  • Escaped – to get away from danger
  • Chasing – to drive away, to pursue
  • Enormous – very big, huge
  • Grand – great
  • Keeper – one who keeps or guards

Question 1: What did Tara do first after school was over?

Answer: After school was over, Tara rushed home and changed her clothes.

Question 2: Where did Tara get the apples from?

Answer: Tara got the apples from a fruit shop near her house.

Question 3: What did she do with the apples?

Answer: Tara took the apples to the park and looked for Appu. She offered them to Appu and the elephant ate out of her hands.

Question 4: How did the keeper reward Tara?

Answer: The keeper rewarded Tara by letting her ride on Appu’s back

Question 5: How do you think Tara got her grand idea?

Answer: Timmy asked Tara to go to the park and try to get the elephant out of it. She remembered that an elephant had once eaten an apple out of her hand at the zoo. This gave her the grand idea of trying the same with the elephant in the park.

Question 6: Why do you think Tara wanted the men with sticks to keep away from the elephant?

Answer: Tara felt that elephants were gentle and kind. They could not help being big and having enormous feet. So, she thought it was very unkind to send for men with sticks to scare an elephant and they should keep away from it.

So, these were Tara and Appu Questions & Answers.

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