Thank You Ma’am Questions & Answers

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Thank You Ma’am Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the appropriate option.

(a) Around what time did Roger try to snatch Mrs Jones’ purse?

i. It was about eight o’clock at night.
ii. It was about ten o’clock at night.
iii. It was about eleven o’clock at night.

(b) Roger was planning to snatch the purse of the woman, but he was unsuccessful because

i. a policeman came to the woman’s rescue.
ii. he lost his balance and fell on his back.
iii. the woman was alert.

(c) Roger sat on far side of the room because he

i. wanted to keep an eye on Mrs Jones.
ii. wanted to steal her bag.
iii. did not want to be mistrusted.

(d) Mrs Jones did not ask anything about the boy because

i. she did not want to embarrass him.
ii. she did not want him to speak to her.
iii. she wanted him to leave.

Question 2: Describe the boy’s appearance.

Answer: The boy looked as if he was fourteen or fifteen years of age. He appeared weak and thin, wearing tennis shoes and blue jeans and had a dirty face.

Question 3: How did the boy fall on his back?

Answer: The combined weight of the boy and the purse caused the boy to lose his balance and he fell on his back.

Question 4: “Pick up my purse, boy and give it here.” Why did the woman ask the boy to pick up her purse?

Answer: During the act of snatching the purse, the boy lost his balance and fell on the sidewalk, as did the purse. The woman then took a hold of the boy by his shirt and asked him to pick up the purse as she did not want to lose the hold of the boy.

Question 5: ‘The boy’s mouth opened. Then, he frowned.’ Why do you think the boy reacted in this manner?

Answer: For a moment the boy thought that the woman too was a thief and his mouth opened in surprise and gave an angry look. However, the woman then explained that she was never a thief.

Thank You Ma’am Questions & Answers

Question 6: What kind of a lady was Mrs Jones? Quote examples from the story to support your answer.
Sketch the character of Mrs Jones.
What are the ways by which Mrs Jones reformed Roger?

Answer: Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones, was an elderly woman. She was considered as a fat working woman and was very smart and alert. She worked in a hotel beauty shop and was late in returning at night. A weak boy of 14-15 year of age wanted to snatch her purse, however, he lost balance, fell, and was caught red handed. Instead of sending him to jail, she decided to take him to her place. She helped him clean his face and offered him food. Instead of humiliating him she tried to explain him the difference between good and bad. She was kind hearted and that was shown when she gave him ten dollars to buy suede shoes. She also advised him not to snatch anybody’s purse and behave well in future.  Above mentioned activities clearly indicated that Mrs. Jones was a woman of strong personality and she also possessed qualities of a loving, caring, and compassionate person.

Question 7: Why do you think, Roger did not want Mrs Jones to mistrust him?
Why did Roger not try to run away later although he had an opportunity to do so?

Answer: Roger was caught red handed by Mrs Jones while snatching her purse. Instead of taking him to the police, she took him to her place and asked him to wash his dirty face. Later, Mrs Jones went behind the screen in other corner of the house leaving the boy alone with her purse, this showed her faith in the boy. Roger found that he had ample opportunity to flee from her house, but he was confused. Having received the hospitality of Mrs. Jones, Roger preferred to honour her trust.

Question 8: Do you think Roger was able to learn a lesson after meeting Mrs Jones? Give reasons to support your answer.

Answer: Yes, I think Roger was able to learn a lesson after meeting Mrs Jones as he did not want to be mistrusted anymore.

Thank You Ma’am Questions & Answers

Question 9: What else do you think the boy wanted to convey to Mrs Jones at the end of the story?

Answer: I think, at the end of the story boy wanted to make a commitment to Mrs Jones that he will behave well and not steal anything from anybody in future.

Question 10: Read the following statement and answer the questions that follow.
“I just want you to turn me loose.”

(a) Who says these words and to whom?

Answer: Roger says these words to Mrs Jones.

(b) Where does the speaker say this?

Answer: The speaker says this on the street.

(c) What does ‘turn me loose’ mean here?

Answer: ‘Turn me loose’ here means to release the boy and let him go.

(d) How does the listener react to this statement?

Answer: Mrs Jones did not leave the boy and kept him dragging to her house.

“Eat some more son”

e) Who said this? What is offered? What type character of the speaker is revealed here?

Answer: The speaker is Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones. The speaker offered the boy lima beans and some ham, meat and prepared some cocoa. This depicted her kindness, and affection for the boy. She played the role of a perfect host and the boy was treated with hospitality.

Question 11: Justify the title of the short story ‘Thank You Ma’am’.

Answer: The short story of Langston Hughes, ‘Thank You Ma’am’, is based on the external conflict between an elderly woman, Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones, and a young boy Roger. The boy attempted to snatch the purse of Mrs. Jones but was caught by her. The woman, instead of putting the boy into jail, took him to her home and gave him proper food and attention. The boy was overwhelmed by the kindness of the elderly lady. He was deeply gratified when the lady not only gave him money to buy his coveted blue suede shoes, but also showed that she trusted him to be good. He wanted to express his gratitude, but so intense were his emotions that expression fell short of words. He could only utter the words ‘thank you’.
So, the phrase, “Thank You Ma’am”, though inadequate expresses the over-whelming feelings of a transformed boy. Hence the title is apt.

So, these were Thank You Ma’am Questions & Answers.

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