The Balloon Man Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Balloon Man Questions & Answers.

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The Balloon Man Questions & Answers

Question 1: Who comes on market days?

Answer: The balloon man comes on market days.

Question 2: Where does the balloon man stand?

Answer: He stands in the market square.

Question 3: What does he hold?

Answer: The balloon man holds different coloured balloons tied with a string.

Question 4: What are the colours of the balloons?

Answer: The colours of the balloons are red, purple, blue and green.

Question 5: What happens to the balloons when there is a wind?

Answer: When there is wind the balloons tug and tug like anything.

The Balloon Man Questions & Answers

Question 6: When does the balloon man never seem to think of lunch?

Answer: The balloon man never seems to think of lunch when he is in the market square.

Question 7: Why are the balloons seen even from far away?

Answer: The balloons are seen even from far away because they are very colourful and shiny in bright colours like red, blue, purple and green.

Question 8: What do the balloons look like in the sky?

Answer: The balloons look pretty in the sky.

Question 9: What does the poetess hope will happen someday?

Answer: The poetess hopes that someday the balloon man would let the balloons go. Then the poetess would stand and see them sailing high in the sky.

Question 10: How high can balloons fly?

Answer: Balloons can sail too high.

Question 11: Choose the correct answer.

(a) The balloon man always comes on____________.

(i) market days

(ii) weekdays

(iii) holidays

(b) The balloons are tied together with a____________.

(i) rope

(ii) wire

(iii) string

(c) The balloon man never think about his_____________.

(i) lunch

(ii) dinner

(iii) breakfast

So, these were The Balloon Man Questions & Answers.

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