The Black Aeroplane Questions & Answers

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The Black Aeroplane Questions & Answers

Question 1: Describe the weather conditions when the pilot of the old Dakota began his flight.

Answer: When the pilot of the old Dakota began his flight, the weather conditions were favourable. The sky was clear with the stars shining and the moon coming up in the east. There was not a single cloud in the sky.

Question 2: Why was the pilot of the old Dakota happy to be flying?

Answer: The pilot was happy to be flying because he was heading homewards to England looking forward to be with his family and enjoy a good, big English breakfast. He enjoyed being alone in his Dakota going past over the sleeping countryside.

Question 3: When and why did the pilot of the old Dakota call the Paris Control? How did the control room guide him?

Answer: The pilot of the old Dakota called the Paris Control Room at one thirty in the morning to inform them about his position. In response, he was guided to turn twelve degrees west to proceed to England.

Question 4: Why does the pilot say, “It was an easy flight”? Was it really so?

Answer: The pilot says so because the sky was clear and everything was going well. However, it was not really so as about 150 kilometres off Paris, he encountered huge storm clouds.

Question 5: When did the pilot see the clouds? Why did they worry him?

Answer: The pilot saw storm clouds when he was 150 kilometres away from Paris. He got worried because the clouds were huge and looked like black mountains. He could neither fly up and over them nor did he have enough fuel to fly around north or south of them.

Question 6: “I’ll take the risk.” What ‘risk’ did the pilot decide to take and to what effect?

Answer: When the pilot took the risk and flew straight into the storm, everything suddenly turned black. It was impossible to see anything outside the aeroplane. The old aeroplane jumped and twisted in the air. The compass moved round and round and suddenly turned dead. The other instruments, including the radio also stopped functioning.

Question 7: What did the pilot see when he was lost in the storm? Why was he pleased to see it?

Answer: When the pilot was lost in the storm, he saw another aeroplane in the black clouds quite near him. It had no lights on its wings but he could see the pilot of this dark plane next to him through the storm. He was glad to see another person in this storm as it brought him a ray of hope for survival.

The Black Aeroplane Questions & Answers

Question 8: What did the other pilot gesture to the pilot in the old Dakota and then turn his aeroplane slowly to the north?

Answer: The other pilot in the black aeroplane turned his face towards the pilot in the old Dakota and gestured by lifting one hand and waving to him. He was signalling the pilot of the old Dakota to follow him. This mysterious pilot then turned his aeroplane slowly to the north so as to make it easier for him to follow the black plane and land safely.

Question 9: Why did the pilot follow the black aeroplane ‘like an obedient child’?

Answer: The pilot followed the black aeroplane like an obedient child because this was his only chance for survival. He was happy to go behind this strange aeroplane since it was guiding him out of the storm to safety.

Question 10: What problem did the narrator encounter after having followed the black aeroplane for half an hour?

Answer: After following the black aeroplane for half an hour, the Dakota was left with only enough fuel in its last tank to fly for five or ten minutes more. This left the narrator frightened.

Question 11: When did the pilot of Dakota feel that he was safe?

Answer: Minutes before landing, the pilot noticed that he was running out of fuel. But he suddenly came out of the clouds and saw two straight lines of lights in front of him which was the runway of the airport. He was relieved to be safe and he turned at once to look at the pilot of the other plane to thank him.

Question 12: What did the pilot ask the woman at the control centre and why? How did this woman react?

Answer: The pilot asked the woman at the control centre about his landing location and about the other pilot who had guided him to land safely. He made this inquiry because he wanted to thank him for having saved his life.

The woman, however looked strangely at him and told him that she had not noticed any plane, other than the old Dakota, on the radar. She laughed because she presumed that the narrator was in a state of panic.

Question 13: Who do you think helped the narrator to reach safely?

Answer: According to me, it was some supernatural force who helped the narrator to reach safely. Of course, he also made all the efforts to survive however the way in which he describes his plight after having got lost in the storm, it is likely that some supernatural power rescued him.

Question 14: Why does the narrator say, “I landed and was not sorry to walk away from the old Dakota…”?

Answer: The narrator said so because his safe landing was nothing short of a miracle. The pilot thought that it was an easy flight but it turned out to be a harrowing experience when a storm caused him to lose control over his plane and left all the safety devices dead, too. The fury of the cloud-storm that he had headed into was beyond his capacity to manage. It was only because of the other plane that helped him mysteriously and he could land safely. So, the narrator was not at all sorry to rush away from his old Dakota that could have become the cause of his death.

Question 15: What made the woman in the control room look at the narrator strangely?

Answer: There were two reasons that made the woman in the control room look at the narrator strangely. Firstly, in the furious storm when no other planes were flying that night, the narrator landed successfully and safely.

Secondly, she had not noticed any plane, other than the old Dakota, on the radar and surprised at his strange queries regarding the black aeroplane. His queries make the situation all the more confusing. So, she looked at him strangely when the narrator said that he wanted to thank the pilot of the black aeroplane.

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