The Cop and The Anthem Questions & Answers

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The Cop and The Anthem Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Ambition – strong desire to achieve something
  • Fortunate – lucky
  • Loomed – appeared
  • Lodging – place to live
  • Strolled – to walk in a relaxed way
  • Charity house – house where the poor homeless people can get food and shelter free of cost
  • Challenge – objection
  • Raggy – torn
  • Wrathfully – in extreme anger
  • Get busy – start working
  • The mud – sinful ways
  • Anthem – religious song
  • Muttered – talk in secret

Question 1: Why does the author call Blackwell’s Island a hospitable place?

Answer: The author calls Blackwell’s Island a hospital place because it was the best place for Soapy to be saved from. He could stay there throughout winter and could get food every day, a warm blanket at night and company too.

Question 2: What was Soapy’s problem? How did he intend to solve it?

Answer: As Soapy was a jobless and homeless man, he had a great problem of spending the winter and protecting himself from the biting cold. He intended to solve it by getting arrested by the police and being imprisoned at the Blackwell’s island where he could get hot meals, a warm blanket and an enjoyable company.

Question 3: What had Soapy done to keep himself warm during the previous cold night?

Answer: Soapy had placed three big newspapers under his coat above his ankle and over his lap to keep himself warm during the previous cold night.

Question 4: Was there no other place where so Soapy could stay during the winter? Why didn’t you want to go there?

Answer: Yes, there were a number of charity houses where Soapy could stay and get food but he hated to have anything in charity and also, he didn’t like anyone to meddle with his private affairs or to sermonize him.

Question 5: What is meant by the words ‘guest of law’ ?…Why did soapy want to be the guest of law?

Answer: The words ‘guest of the law’ means to be a prisoner. Soapy wanted to be a guest of law in order to protect himself from the harsh cold and he also hated to have anything in charity also people would question him and he didn’t like anyone to interfere in his private affairs.

Question 6: What was Soapy’s first plan to get himself arrested?

Answer: Soapy’s first plan was to dine at some fine restaurant and then say that he had no money. They would naturally hand him over to the police and he would become a guest of law.

The Cop and The Anthem Questions & Answers

Question 7: ———–and a magistrate would do the rest. What rest?

Answer: “And a magistrate would do the rest” means he would send him to jail where he would get food, lodging and a warm blanket so that he could spend the three months of winter comfortably.

Question 8: And if he could reach the table in the restaurant ——-What could prevent Soapy from reaching the table?

Answer: Soapy’s old shoes and his raggy trousers could prevent him from reaching the table in that fine restaurant at Broadway.

Question 9: What was the delicious way that Soapy wanted to take to reach the Island?

Answer: The delicious way that Soapy wanted to take to reach the Island was to dine at a fine restaurant and when he would not foot the bill and the police would be informed about it and they would arrest him and take him to jail.

Question 10: Why did the policeman not believe that soapy had broken the window glass?

Answer: The policeman did not believe so because when the policeman asked him about the culprit, he answered him in a friendly manner so the policeman’s mind refused to take Soapy as a culprit and also, they thought that the culprit would not stay at the crime scene to be arrested.

Question 11: How was Soapy able to dine at the second restaurant?

Answer: The second restaurant was not so fine as the first one. It was a place where all kinds of people, rich or poor could dine. The food was rather simple and cheap and the sense of dressing did not matter so, he took his old shoes and raggy trousers without a challenge and thus no one stopped him.

Question 12: What was Soapy’s last attempt to get himself arrested?

Answer: Soapy saw a man at the bakery having an umbrella so he tried to lift the umbrella without asking and walked away slowly with it. He hoped to get arrested for theft. This was his last attempt to get himself arrested.

Question 13: What change did the anthem bring about in Soapy?

Answer: After listening to the anthem in the church, Soapy felt a sudden change in his heart. He made up his mind to make a fresh start in his life as he decided to go into the city and find a job for himself and thus turn over a new leaf.

So, these were The Cop and The Anthem Questions & Answers.

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