Lochinvar Questions & Answers

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This poem is written by Sir Walter Scott. In my previous posts, I have shared the questions and answers of Tryst With Destiny, A Winter’s Night and Kabir so, you can check these posts as well. I have also shared Lochinvar Stanza-Wise Summary so, make sure to check this post as well.

Lochinvar Questions & Answers

Question 1: Read and answer the questions:

(a) What is being told to the reader about Lochinvar in the six lines of the first stanza? What image of Lochinvar is created before us?

Answer: Lochinvar came from the west. His horse was the best in the land. Except for his sword he had no weapons. He was alone and unarmed. He was faithful in love and fearless in the matters of war. He was a brave knight.

(b) Where do you think Lochinvar was going? Why do you think so?

Answer: To win his true love. I think so for a line in the poem says ‘So faithful in love and dauntless in war………….

(c) How do you know that Lochinvar was bent on achieving whatever he was aiming at?

Answer: Lochinvar did not take any breaks. No stones or obstacles could stop him in his way. The Eske river did not have any shallow areas which would make crossing the river easier. However, Lochinvar with all his might even swam the deep Eske river.

(d) Where does Lochinvar finally alight? What had happened by the time he had arrived?

Answer: He alighted at the gate of Netherby. By the time he had arrived the bride Ellen had consented to marry another man, who was a dastard/coward in war and a laggard/lags behind in love.

Question 2: Why does the poet say “the gallant came late”?

Answer: The bride had consented to marry another man and thus the poet said that the gallant came late.

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:

(a) Was the bride’s father pleased at Lochinvar’s arrival? How do you know this?

Answer: No, he was not pleased. When he was questioning Lochinvar, he had his hand on his sword.

(b) What did the bride’s father ask Lochinvar?

Answer: He asked whether Lochinvar had come there in peace or to fight or to have a dance during the wedding.

Question 4: Explain – “She looked down to blush and looked up to sigh with a smile on her lips and tear in her eyes.”

Answer: Fair Ellen smiled and felt shy at seeing her lover Lochinvar arrived at the Netherby church. However, she had tears in her eyes because by the time Lochinvar arrived, she had already consented to marry another man.

Lochinvar Questions & Answers

Question 5: How can you say that Lochinvar was brave and fearless?

Answer: Lochinvar was brave as he rode all alone and unarmed without any weapons except a sword, he was in a dangerous situation although he was fearless as he entered the Netherby Hall very boldly where all the relatives were present. He faced the bride’s family fearlessly.

Question 6: What did Lochinvar tell Ellen’s father regarding his entry at Netherby?

Answer: He said that he had proposed Ellen however Ellen’s father had denied his suit. A love which was not encouraged would soon die down. He had now come to have a dance and drink a cup of wine at Ellen’s wedding. He also added that there are many suitable maidens in Scotland who would gladly be his bride.

Question 7: What did the cousins and the bridesmaids say when they saw the couple dancing?

Answer: When they saw Lochinvar and Ellen dancing together, they said that it would have been better had Ellen got married to Lochinvar as they looked a grand couple.

Question 8: Why did the bride-maidens feel Lochinvar was a better match for Ellen?

Answer: The handsome Lochinvar and the beautiful Ellen made a lovely couple on the dance floor.

Question 9: What were those present in the hall doing while Lochinvar danced with the bride?

Answer: When Lochinvar was dancing with Ellen, Ellen’s mother fretted and her father fumed at the sight. The bridegroom stood dangling his bonnet and plume. Also, the bride-maidens whispered that young daring Lochinvar was a better match for Ellen.

Question 10: Read and answer the question:

“The bride kiss’d the goblet/wine glass……Now tread we a measure!” said young Lochinvar”.

What did Lochinvar do in the above lines?

Answer: Lochinvar quickly drank the wine and threw the cup down. Ellen was filled with emotions. She had a smile on her lips and she was blushing. Before her mother could stop Lochinvar, he asked her for a dance.

Lochinvar Questions & Answers

Question 11: Do you think Lochinvar came with a plan in mind? Why do you think so?

Answer: Yes, Lochinvar did come with a plan in his mind and that was to elope with the fair Ellen. It is only someone who was determined to achieve something, would think of overcoming all the obstacles in his way like the way Lochinvar did.

Question 12: What plan did Lochinvar execute?

Answer: Lochinvar whispers into Ellen’s ears. As they reach the hall door a horse was waiting for them. He swung Ellen onto the horse and rode away with her. Young Lochinvar knew they would be followed by the horses and the kinsmen.

Question 13: There was mounting………gallant like young Lochinvar? Explain the above lines?

Answer: The men of Netherby mounted their horses. They raced and chased the couple. But no one could spot them far and wide.

Question 14: Bring out the character of the bridegroom.

Answer: The bridegroom was laggard in love and a dastard in war. He was a coward and was unable to stand up for himself nor could he protect his bride to be.

Question 15: How do you think the bride felt about Lochinvar?

Answer: I think the bride felt the same way as Lochinvar felt about her. She loved him just as much as he did but did not go against the wishes of her parents.

Question 16: Find the rhyme scheme of the poem.

Answer: The rhyme scheme of the poem is “aabbcc”.

Question 17: Choose the correct option:

(a) ‘Love swells like the Solway, but ebbs like its tide’ means

i. there are good and bad times in life.
ii. love not encouraged will diminish eventually.
iii. the bad times will soon go away.

(b) The Kinsmen of the Netherby clan chased Lochinvar and Ellen

i. but they could not be found.
ii. and finally captured them near the Cannobie village
iii. and found them after two days

(c) The bride’s father questioned Lochinvar because

i. he came in with an army of soldiers.
ii. the bridegroom did not speak.
iii. he came in uninvited.

So, these were Lochinvar Questions & Answers.

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