The Farmer Who Became a Doctor Questions & Answers

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The Farmer Who Became a Doctor Questions & Answers

  • Cloak – a long, thick, loose coat
  • Glimpse – a quick look
  • Simpleton – a person who isn’t intelligent
  • Prescription – the medicine doctors write on a piece of paper
  • Mayhem – great confusion
  • Porch – a small covered area in front of house
  • Discreetly – carefully / without anyone noticing it
  • Inconsolable – terribly sad
  • Banquet – feast
  • Course – a part of meal

Question 1: What did the farmer receive from the doctor for selling all the grass?

Answer: The farmer received the doctor’s cane, hat, cloak and a thick book on medicine from the doctor for selling him all the grass.

Question 2: Why did the farmer’s wife refer to the doctor’s items as ‘useless stuff’?

Answer: She was a farmer’s wife and their business was farming. She saw that the things her husband got from the doctor were of no use in farming. So, she referred to them as ‘useless stuff’.

Question 3: What big mistake did the farmer make?

Answer: The big mistake he made was, he wrote ‘Detective’ instead of ‘Doctor’ on the sign board that he put up outside his house.

Question 4: Why was the king’s messenger surprised to read the farmer’s prescription?

Answer: The king’s messenger was surprised to read the farmer’s prescription as it did not have any connection to the king’s missing horses, for which he had come to ask the farmer, thinking that he was a ‘detective’.

Question 5: Why do you think the king’s messenger rushed back to inform the king about the farmer?

Answer: When the farmer/doctor prescribed a tablet to the messenger, as a way to find the king’s missing horses, firstly, he was very confused. Later, he found the horses in a stable, adjacent to the house porch where he was resting due to head-ache. He thought that the farmer must be a very ‘intelligent detective’ and so he purposely directed him to that place by giving such a tablet and helped him find the king’s horses. So, I think he rushed to inform the king.

The Farmer Who Became a Doctor Questions & Answers

Question 6: Why did the thieves think that the farmer knew that they had stolen the ring?

Answer: The farmer and his wife decided to count the number of dishes at the royal banquet as it was their first time to have such a meal. The servants at the palace who stole the ring knew that the detective has come to find the thieves. So, when the farmer was counting the dishes they thought that he knew their theft.

Question 7: Read the line and answer the questions:

‘Perhaps a doctor is supposed to give a prescription even for something like this.’

(a) What do the words ‘even for something like this’ mean?

Answer: The words ‘even for something like this’ refer to the case of missing horses. Not knowing what a doctor is supposed to do the farmer thought that, perhaps a doctor is supposed to prescribe some remedy for such cases too.

(b) What ‘prescription’ does the farmer make, and for whom?

Answer: The farmer doesn’t really make a prescription, he simply finds one inside the doctor’s book and gives the same to the king’s messenger.

(c) What happens after the person follows the farmer’s prescription?

Answer: After the king’s messenger takes the medicine as prescribed by the farmer, he feels severe headache and takes rest in the porch of a nearby house. Soon, he hears the neigh of the king’s horses and finds them, this makes him think that the farmer was a really great ‘detective.’

So, these were The Farmer Who Became a Doctor Questions & Answers.

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