The Five Find Outers and Dog – Part 1 Questions & Answers

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The Five Find Outers and Dog – Part 1 Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Trotting – moving in a manner faster than a walk but slower than a gallop
  • Indignantly – expressing anger
  • Swerved – turned aside abruptly from a course
  • Plodded – walked with heavy slow steps

Question 1: Where did the four children and Mr. Goon come across one another? What were they doing at that place?

Answer: The four children and Mr. Goon came across one another at the lane in front of Bet and Pip’s home. They were waiting for Fatty and Buster while Mr. Goon was going around on his beat.

Question 2: In what way was the telegram an extraordinary one?

Answer: The telegram was an extraordinary one. It was written by Fatty. He wrote that he was going alone to Tippylooloo by airplane to solve a mystery. This was surely an extraordinary thing to do for a thirteen-year-old boy.

Question 3: How was Mr. Goon troubled with the bicycle?

Answer: Mr. Goon was really troubled by the bicycle. The telegraph boy had swerved his bicycle right over to Mr. Goon and it looked as if he was going to go straight into him. Fortunately, he skipped aside quickly. Again when the telegraph boy propped his bicycle by the side of the pavement, he could not balance it and it fell over with a clatter, the handle bar catching Mr. Goon on the shin.

Question 4: Why was Mr. Goon angry with the telegraph boy?

Answer: Mr. Goon was angry with the telegraph boy because he had almost hit Mr. Goon twice with his bicycle. Also, Mr. Goon did not like the way that the telegraph boy was praising Fatty and calling him Mr. Trotteville, as if he was some hero.

The Five Find Outers and Dog – Part 1 Questions & Answers

Question 5: What do the Find-Outers finally plan to do?

Answer: The Find-Outers decide to go up to Fatty’s house and ask his mother about Buster so that they could have him.

Question 6: After reading the extract write what you decipher about Mr. Goon’s character.

Answer: Mr. Goon was a difficult character. He was not at all pleased to see the team of the Find-Outers as they solved all the mysteries before him. He got annoyed very easily and was a very strict man.

Question 7: Write three traits you notice in the telegraph boy’s character.

Answer: The telegraph boy seems to be very intelligent as he knows where exactly Tippylooloo is situated. He is a little careless too as he can’t even handle his bicycle. He seems to be polite and well-mannered as he keeps on apologizing to Mr. Goon. He is also much impressed by Fatty.

Question 8: How far do you think, the five children are a good team of Find-Outers?

Answer: The five children are a good team of Find-Outers. They solve all the mysteries in their village ahead of the village policeman. Everyone is important in a team and when they come to know that Fatty had left for Tippylooloo, they were not happy. They knew they would not be able to do much without him.

Question 9: Read the lines and answer the questions:

“I suppose you think there’ll be another first-class mystery for us to solve these holidays,” said Pip. “Don’t you want to be a Find-Outer anymore?”

(a) Give an example of the mystery solved by the Find-Outers.

Answer: The Find-Outers had solved the mystery of the secret room.

(b) Write the names of the Find-Outers.

Answer: The names of the Find-Outers are – Frederick Algernon Trotteville (Fatty), Laurence (Larry), Margaret (Daisy) Daykin, Philip Hilton (Pip), Elizabeth (Bets) Hilton, Buster (Scottie dog).

(c) What reply does Bets give to Pip to the question in the given lines?

Answer: Bets replies to Pip by saying that of course, she wants to be a part of the team. She knows that Pip doesn’t think her of much use as she is the youngest and only nine and the rest of them are in their teens. She helped them a lot of times to solve mysteries.

(d) Name the youngest Find-Outer among them.

Answer: Bets or Elisabeth is the youngest Find-Outer.

The Five Find Outers and Dog – Part 1 Questions & Answers

Question 10: Read the lines and answer the questions:

“A good thing too,” said Mr. Goon, giving the telegram back to Pip. “That’s what I say. Perhaps we’ll have a little peace these holidays if that interfering boy has gone to Tippy-Tipp-whatever it is.”

(a) What was the message in the telegram?

Answer: The message in the telegram was that Fatty was going alone to Tippylooloo by airplane to solve a mystery.

(b) Who completes the half pronounced name –Tippy-Tippy? What is the full name?

Answer: The telegraph boy completes the half pronounced name Tippy-Tippy. The full name is Tippylooloo.

(c) Why did Mr. Goon not utter the full name?

Answer: Mr. Goon did not utter the full name because he forgot. He was least interested in doing so. He found it difficult in pronouncing the full name.

(d) Who is the interfering boy? Why does the speaker consider the boy’s departure to Tippy-Tippy a good thing?

Answer: The interfering boy is Fatty. Mr. Goon considers Fatty’s departure as a good thing because now he thinks there will be peace these holidays in the village as Fatty has gone to Tippylooloo.

Question 11: Read the lines and answer the questions:

“I bet Fatty ……………to have him,” said Pip. “Let’s go up to Fatty’s ………………mother about Buster. Come on. We’ll go no.”

(a) What is the importance of Fatty in the team of Find-Outers?

Answer: Fatty was the real leader, the one who dared to do all kinds of things. He was the real brain of the Find-Outers.

(b) What did Pip and others want to ask Fatty’s mother?

Answer: Pip and the others wanted to ask Fatty’s mother about Buster.

(c) What is their next plan of action?

Answer: Their next plan of action is to go to Fatty’s house and ask his mother about Buster.

(d) Name the author and title of the story.

Answer: The title of the story is ‘Five Find-Outers and Dog’, it is written by ‘Enid Mary Blyton’.

So, these were The Five Find Outers and Dog – Part 1 Questions & Answers.

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