The Foolish King Questions & Answers

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The Foolish King Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False:

(a) The king ordered his ministers to find a person smarter than him – True
(b) Despite their hardship, the villagers treated the king’s men well – True
(c) The king was very quick with his answers and clever in his ways – False
(d) Dev need 100 horse pulled carts to bring them all – True
(e) Dev split the 50 horses between the villagers – False
(f) The king made fool Dev three times – False

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

(a) The_________decided to find out the person smarter than he.

i. king
ii. Dev
iii. minister

(b) The ministers reached the very border of the_______.

i. mountain
ii. kingdom
iii. river

(c) The king charged the villagers a hefty_______for using the cultivation field.

i. land
ii. grain
iii. tax

(d) The king would like to see the_______that Dev use.

i. tricks
ii. tools
iii. images

(e) All the grain was cut and filled into the granaries within the stipulated________months.

i. six
ii. seven
iii. eight

(f) Dev reached his village and sold the______horse.

i. brown
ii. white
iii. black

Question 3: Who said these words:

(a) “Find a person smarter than me.”

Answer: King

(b) “If beat him, he has to be my slave.”

Answer: King

(c) “I won’t take my coat or my hat.”

Answer: Dev

(d) “So you think that you are very clever.”

Answer: King

(e) “But I need 100 horse pulled carts to bring them all.”

Answer: Dev

(f) “Please lend me your best horse, so I can reach their fast.”

Answer: Dev

Question 4: What did the king believe?

Answer: The king believed that he was the cleverest of all the people in his kingdom. He was convinced that nobody could trick him.

Question 5: “Although the ministers found many wise people, nobody was ready to take up the challenge. Why?

Answer: The king’s ministers set out to find such a person who can take on the king. They met several wise men, but they were smart enough to know that if you compete with the King, you may end up being the slave. Therefore, nobody was ready to take up the challenge.

Question 6: What did the king say when Dev met him first time?

Answer: When Dev met the king first time then, the king asked Dev to trick him.

Question 7: Why did the king lend his best horse to Dev?

Answer: Dev told the king that the dog just had told him that his wife is seriously ill and he had to go as soon as possible. The king lent his best horse to him so that he could return as early as possible.

Question 8: What did Dev demand for the king after his victory?

Answer: Dev demanded that the farmlands and forests should be returned to the villagers to earn their livelihood.

Question 9: What did the king realise?

Answer: The king realised that he had lost the contest and he never tried to ensure his smartness.

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