The Great Escape Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Great Escape Questions & Answers.

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The Great Escape Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Cyclone – a storm with strong winds
  • Courage – being brave
  • Steep – rising sharply
  • Terribly – very
  • Tipped – bent
  • Against the tree – touched the tree
  • Growl – to make a low, deep and angry sound in the throat
  • Out of fright – because of fear

Question 1: “What shall we do?” said Dorothy sadly. What made Dorothy sad?

Answer: When Dorothy saw a very wide and deep ditch with big pointed rocks at the bottom and steep sides that was difficult to cross, it made Dorothy sad.

Question 2: “If you cannot jump over the ditch and fall, it would not hurt me at all.” Why do you think the fall would not have hurt the Scarecrow at all?

Answer: The fall would have not hurt the Scarecrow at all because it was a non-living thing made of straw.

Question 3: “I am terribly afraid of falling myself.” Who is the speaker? From where is he afraid of falling?

Answer: The cowardly lion was the speaker. He was afraid of falling into the ditch.

The Great Escape Questions & Answers

Question 4: “That is a great idea,” said the Lion. Which idea is the Lion talking about?

Answer: The lion was talking about the idea given by the Scarecrow to chop the tree close to the ditch which would fall to the other side and they could cross the ditch by walking over it.

Question 5: “That must be the Kalidahs.” Who are Kalidahs? Where did they hear the noise made by Kalidahs?

Answer: Kalidahs were fighting beasts with bodies like bears and heads like tigers. They heard the noise from deep inside the forest.

Question 6: Quick, cried the Scarecrow. How did the Scarecrow stop the Kalidahs from reaching them?

Answer: The Scarecrow stopped the Kalidahs from reaching by asking Tin woodman to chop the end of the tree on their side of the ditch.

Question 7: “I wish I had a heart to beat.” Who is the speaker? Why does he say so?

Answer: The speaker was Tin woodman. He said so because she also wanted to have a heart that could beat as the lion’s heart was beating.

Question 8: Who said to whom?

(a) “We must try and jump over it.”

Answer: Scarecrow said to others.

(b) “One would almost think you had brains instead of straw.”

Answer: Lion said to scarecrow.

So, these were The Great Escape Questions & Answers.

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