The Inexperienced Ghost Questions & Answers

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The Inexperienced Ghost Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Evans shouted because he

i. didn’t believe Clayton’s tale at all.
ii. was afraid of meeting a ghost.
iii. could not be heard over the noise in the room.
iv. was excited by the idea of a ghost.

(b) The ghost had come to the club because he

i. didn’t know where to go.
ii. thought it would be fun to haunt.
iii. wanted to frighten children.
iv. had been told to come there.

(c) The ghost could not disappear as

i. he had forgotten the way back.
ii. he had not finished haunting.
iii. Clayton was secretly watching him.
iv. he had forgotten the last moves.

(d) Wish was frightened because he

i. felt Clayton’s moves would make him disappear.
ii. was worried the ghost would come back.
iii. thought that the ghost was still around.
iv. felt it was not right to do the moves of the ghost.

Question 2: “The mess he had made of haunting had saddened him terribly.” Who had made a mess of haunting? How had he done it? Why was he sad?

Answer: The ghost whom Clayton met had made a mess of haunting. He had forgot the series of gestures and movements with the hands which were required to be made for disappearance.
He was sad because he thought haunting would be fun but now, he was unable to come out of it.

Question 3: “Clayton,” said I, “you’re a very good liar.” Why did the narrator say this?

Answer: The narrator said Clayton was a very good liar because he almost believed the incident that Clayton narrated about his encounter with a ghost. He was not convinced with the disappearance of ghost with just gestures and movements of hand.

Question 4: “This sort is not going to snatch Clayton into the world of darkness.” Who says this and why? What sort of thing is he talking about?

Answer: Evans says these words. When Evans says ‘this sort’, he is referring to Clayton recreating the ghost’s movements. By saying this, he is dismissing Wish’s fear that Clayton may disappear in real.

Question 5: How did Clayton convince his friends that he had seen a real ghost?

Answer: Clayton convinced his friends that he had seen a real ghost by giving a very detailed description of his encounter. He was even ready to replicate the movements which made the ghost disappear.

Question 6: Did Clayton help the ghost find his way back? How?

Answer: Yes, Clayton helped the ghost to find his way back by encouraging the ghost to try out the movements he remembered. When the ghost insisted that he did not want the narrator to watch him, he turned away to let the ghost continue trying.

Question 7: We laughed and Clayton looked offended. Offended means insulted. Why was Clayton offended by their laughter?

Answer: Clayton was offended by their laughter because his friends did not believe what he had told them.

Question 8: “There’s some little thing that has slipped me and I can’t get back.” Slipped me here means slipped from my mind. What little thing had been forgotten by the ghost?

Answer: The ghost had forgotten the final set of moves that would help him return to where he came from.

Question 9: “I said in a tone of friendly superiority.” A tone of superiority is to speak proudly as though you are better than the person you are speaking to. What does friendly superiority mean? Why do you think Clayton spoke like this to the ghost?

Answer: Clayton spoke in a tone of friendly superiority because he wanted the ghost to follow his advice without getting offended. He wanted the ghost to believe him and trust his words and advice.

So, these were The Inexperienced Ghost Questions & Answers.

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