One Child One Teacher One Book One Pen Questions & Answers

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One Child One Teacher One Book One Pen Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Tapa – a type of semi-classical vocal music
  • Mahalla – an area in a village or a town
  • Aba – a term for father
  • Jumps – makes a sudden movement because of fear
  • A tennis dad trying to create a champion – a parent pushing her/his child to excel
  • Conferences – large formal meetings
  • Cause – an aim for which a group of people fight for
  • Daunting – frightening and difficult
  • Delegates – persons chosen to speak or make decisions for a group of people

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Malala says We are just a wall’s distance from the next house but it feels miles away because

i. her house is big but empty, and it is enclosed by an iron gate.
ii. a garden the size of a cricket field separated it from the next house.
iii. she and her family are not used to their neighbourhood.
iv. they do not see their neighbours or meet them as they did in Swat.

(b) Malala sits alone in her room doing a jigsaw puzzle because

i. now she finally has a room of her own.
ii. she enjoys peace and privacy in her home.
iii. there are no guests or visiting friends to spend time with.
iv. she wants to listen to the birds and her brother’s Xbox.

(c) Malala teases her father about

i. attending conferences and collecting awards.
ii. not helping her mother though he talks about women’s rights.
iii. being upset about the scar on her head every time he sees it.
iv. not taking her mother out shopping.

(d) Some of the things from Swat seem like stories from a distant place to Malala’s family because

i. they do not want to remember their tragic past in Swat.
ii. they now live in the UK, far away from their home in Pakistan.
iii. they struggle to remember their previous life during mealtimes.
iv. so much has happened to them since they left Swat.

Question 2: What is a ‘house arrest’? Why does Malala say they felt they were under a kind of luxury house arrest in the UK?

Answer: House arrest is the state of being imprisoned in your own house. He is not allowed to go out and even visitors are not allowed to go inside the house.

Malala felt that they are in luxury house arrest because they were not knowing anybody in their neighbourhood and no visitors or guests were coming to their house.

Question 3: When she arrived they were all mysteries to her. What are ‘they’? To whom were they mysteries? Why were they mysterious?

Answer: They here refers to the modern appliances and facilities in their house in the UK. They were mysteries to Malala’s mother because she had never used such things. She needed help with using the oven, the washing machine and the TV.

Question 4: It’s hard for him. What is hard for whom and why?

Answer: Leaving behind everything he worked for over twenty years and beginning a new life in the UK was hard for Malala’s father. Back in Swat, there was a school he built, which had about 1100 students and seventy teachers and where he was respected. He was often accused by some people of causing his daughter to be shot at by pushing her too much to advocate for the right to education.

Question 5: Why does Malala’s father spend a lot of time going to conferences on education?

Answer: Girls after attaining a certain age were prohibited to go to school in their country Pakistan. But Malala’s father always encouraged her to complete her education. When she stood up and fought for women’s right to education, she was shot by the Taliban. So, to make aware the world especially girls, Malala’s father turned to be an activist and spent most of his time in attending conferences when they were in the UK.

Question 6: Why did Malala’s father think he was lucky?

Answer: Malala’s father felt lucky because he was known by his daughter Malala and he was extremely proud of this. Even after getting shot by a Taliban gunman, she didn’t step back and continued to be a prominent activist for the right to education.

Question 7: What is the cause Malala wants to devote her life to?

Answer: Malala wants to help people living in poverty. She wants to help those children who are forced to work and help those people who suffer from terrorism. Most of all she wants to dedicate her life to fight for those women who are deprived of their right to education and equality, across the world.

So, these were One Child One Teacher One Book One Pen Questions & Answers.

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