Debu and Mika Questions & Answers

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Debu and Mika Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) What did Debu call an ancient instrument?

i. a horse
ii. a pen
iii. a robot
iv. a notebook

(b) Debu sits like a statue, a smile dawning on his face. Why did Debu smile?

i. He thought Mika was very intelligent.
ii. He realized he could ask Mika to complete his homework.
iii. He wanted Mika to play with him and his friends.
iv. He was very pleased with Mika’s answers.

(c) Debu asked Mika what a horse was because he

i. was upset with his homework.
ii. wanted to see if Mika knew the answer.
iii. had never seen a horse before.
iv. had to write about a horse.

(d) Debu asked Mika a lot of questions because he

i. wanted to check if his own answers were correct.
ii. wanted to test Mika’s knowledge.
iii. thought Mika could help with his homework.
iv. wanted to know the answers.

Question 2: What was Debu doing when his father came?

Answer: Debu was sitting in a chair with a box like thing on his lap, when his father came.

Question 3: Why did Debu’s father come in his room?

Answer: Debu’s father came in his room to introduce their new robot helper Mika.

Question 4: Mika was programmed for which type of works?

Answer: Mika was programmed to perform household chores.

Question 5: What were Debu’s complaints about his homework? Why do you think he found it so difficult?

Answer: Debu got a history assignment which he was finding difficult to do because for that he had to use a pen from the past and write in a notebook which was another thing from the past.

According to me, he was finding it difficult to do because he actually wanted to play as all his friends were playing.

Question 6: How did Mika do Debu’s homework?

Answer: Mika didn’t know how to write so he wrote in robot language in Debu’s homework notebook.

Question 7: How did Debu react on seeing his homework?

Answer: Debu got terrified and all his smile vanished from his face on seeing his homework.

Question 8: What is your impression of Debu?

Answer: Debu is a twelve-year-old boy who loves to play. He was finding difficult to solve his history assignment because he wanted to go out to play with his friends who were already playing. He didn’t want to use a pen which according to him was an ancient thing to use and was happy when he was introduced to a robot by his father. This means that he wanted to use modern technology. He also seemed to believe things very easily because he is convinced by Mika and asks him to do his homework. He is lazy and dependent as he always wants his father or Mika to help him with his homework without himself giving it a try.

Question 9: The play is called ‘Debu and Mika’. Do you think this a good title? Give reason.

Answer: Yes, I think, it is a good title as the whole story revolves around Debu and Mika. However, I feel it would be better to give the title ‘Robots are a boastful lot’ as Mika, the robot, boasts that it can do a variety of things and is programmed to answer many questions. He assures Debu that he will complete his homework although he had never written in a notebook. Later, when Debu’s father asks Mika if he can draw a picture for him, Mika readily and confidently agrees.

Question 10: “Then I am free I can go and play with my friends!” Who said this? Why did he say it?

Answer: Debu said this because Mika was ready to do his homework so, he was now free to go out and play with his friends.

So, these were Debu and Mika Questions & Answers.

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