Food For Thought Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Food For Thought Questions & Answers.

This poem is written by Roann Mendriq. In my previous posts, I have shared the questions and answers of Celebrity Chef, Cooking Dinner and In Father’s Presence so, you can check these posts as well.

Food For Thought Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Recess – break
  • Pungent – having a strong taste or smell
  • Tantalized – tempted

Question 1: Where is the poem set?

Answer: The poem is set in the classroom.

Question 2: What time of the day is it?

Answer: It is before the break.

Question 3: What is happening here?

Answer: The teacher is teaching while a student is hungry and distracted by the aroma and thought of various dishes.

Question 4: What does food for thought actually mean? Why does the girl say she now has food for thought?

Answer: Food for thought actually means something important to think about. The girl says she now has food for thought because she keeps thinking about food and has something to speak about when the teacher questions her.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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