From A Stem To A Stylus Questions & Answers

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From A Stem To A Stylus Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Crescents – curved shapes with pointed ends, like the moon in its first or last quarter
  • Kiln – a large oven for baking clay objects
  • Databases – organized sets of data (information) stored in a computer
  • Linguists – people who study languages
  • For-fetched – difficult to believe
  • Sci-fi fantasies – science fiction stories

Question 1: Choose the most appropriate options:

(a) A clay tablet was made by

i. baking a piece of moist clay and writing on it.
ii. writing on a piece of moist clay and baking it.
iii. writing on a piece of moist clay and drying it in the sun.
iv. drying a piece of moist clay in the sun and writing on it.

(b) The clay tablet was as necessary 6000 years ago as the computer is now because it

i. is how we know what people did those days
ii. was important to write down things
iii. helped keep records for trade and other purposes
iv. as the oldest means of written communication

(c) The essay says some children may have not seen phones with keypads because

i. smartphones have become very popular in the last few years.
ii. we mostly have touchscreens now
iii. communication technology is changing very fast
iv. now smartphones don’t have keypads

(d) Scientists are exploring the brain and this can lead to gadgets that will help us to

i. communicate directly with our minds.
ii. send messages by speaking.
iii. translate up to forty languages.
iv. live in a science fiction world.

Question 2: How did people keep written records six thousand years ago? How did they make and preserve them?

Answer: Six thousand years ago, people kept written records on moist clay with curved reed. They used to make stick figures for payments and rising sun for the day and then baked the piece in a kiln to save it as an office memo.

Question 3: How could ways of communication change in the future?

Answer: Ways of communication could change in the future as scientists are exploring deep inside the brain so that people can communicate just by reading the mind.

Question 4: It has been an exciting journey of human enquiry and invention? Why do we call written communication an invention and not a discovery?

Answer: Human beings have progressed from sharing messages through clay tablets to digital tablets. The curiosity has made us investigate, study, develop and invent newer and faster means of communication. Thus, writing has been an invention.

Question 5: Aptly, the word ‘tablet’ comes from the ancient Hebrew word ‘tabhel’ or ‘the world’ Aptly means rightly. In what way did the clay tablet help the human world?

Answer: Clay tablet helped the human world to keep the records for long time without damage.

Question 6: Updated means revised to include the latest information. How will a newspaper/screen get updated?

Answer: Newspaper/screen will get updated with the latest news.

Question 7: …..maybe not too long into the future.
What does this mean?

(a) coming soon
(b) not for a long time

Answer: This means ‘coming soon’.

So, these were From A Stem To A Stylus Questions & Answers.

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