The Kind-hearted Villager Questions & Answers

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The Kind-hearted Villager Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Mohanlal got down at a station in search of

(a) food
(b) water
(c) tea

2. Mohanlal stayed the night

(a) at the station
(b) in a lodge
(c) in Ramu’s hut

3. Ramu agreed to give Mohanlal a room and food and in return charged him

(a) no money
(b) lots of money
(c) a small amount of money

4. That night, a man visited Ramu, because

(a) he was Ramu’s friend
(b) he wanted a room to stay
(c) he wanted his money back from Ramu

5. Mohanlal left a packet for Ramu which contained

(a) only a note
(b) only money
(c) a note and the money that Ramu needed

Question 2: Why did Mohanlal get down at the station?

Answer: Mohanlal was feeling thirsty. So, he got down at the station in search of water.

Question 3: How did Mohanlal miss the train? Could he catch another train after that?

Answer: When Mohanlal reached the water tap, the train started moving. He rushed towards the train but could not catch it.
No, he could not catch another train after that.

Question 4: Where did he get a room to stay that night?

Answer: That night, he got a room to stay in Ramu’s hut.

Question 5: Did Ramu ask Mohanlal for any money for the room and food?

Answer: No, Ramu didn’t ask Mohanlal for any money for the room and food.

Question 6: Who came to visit Ramu that night and why?

Answer: A rich man came to Ramu’s house that night. He came to demand money that he had lent long ago to Ramu. He asked Ramu to pay it off immediately.

Question 7: What did Mohanlal do in return for Ramu’s kindness?

Answer: Mohanlal quietly left a packet in his room, before leaving the next morning. In the packet, there was some money and a note for Ramu.

Question 8: What did the note that Mohanlal leave for Ramu say?

Answer: The note said that Ramu helped Mohanlal without expecting anything in return. Mohanlal came to know that Ramu was in need of money. So, he requested Ramu to accept the money that he had left in the packet as his thanks for Ramu’s help.

Question 9: What is the moral of the story?

Answer: The moral of the story is that we should be kind towards others and help others without expecting anything in return.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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