The Landlady Questions & Answers

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The Landlady Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. The weather was

(a) cold and icy.
(b) hot and humid.
(c) humid and rainy.

2. Billy Weaver first decided to

(a) immediately check in at the Bed and Breakfast
(b) take a look at The Bell and Dragon before making up his mind.
(c) look for another place.

3. Billy Weaver found the landlady to be

(a) nice but a little crazy.
(b) impolite but honest.
(c) very bright and intelligent.

4. The parrot and the dog

(a) had been brought by the two previous guests.
(b) were alive but sleeping.
(c) had been stuffed

Question 2: What did Billy Weaver ask the porter?

Answer: Billy Weaver asked the porter if there was a hotel nearby.

Question 3: What attracted Billy to look into the house?

Answer: A printed notice that said ‘BED AND BREAKFAST’ attracted Billy to consider the house.

Question 4: What was strange about the names in the guest book?

Answer: Billy Weaver thought that both the names Mr. Gregory Temple and Mr. Christopher Mulholland were familiar and it seems that they both might be famous cricketers or footballers, and he had heard those names before.

Question 5: What kind of smell was coming from the landlady?

Answer: A peculiar smell was coming from the landlady. Billy was not sure if it was the smell of new leather, pickled walnuts or the smell from the corridors of a hospital.

Question 6: What was unusual about the two pets?

Answer: The two pets were silent and motionless all the time. The large parrot was in a cage in one of the corners and on the carpet, a pretty little dachshund was curled up asleep with its nose tucked into his belly.

Question 7: How did the landlady react when Billy Weaver asked her about the previous two guests?

Answer: The landlady was not interested in telling too much about her two previous guests. She tried to change the topic of conversation but gave a few short answers to Billy’s questions.

Question 8: How did the landlady describe her previous guests?

Answer: The landlady described her previous guests as charming boys and incredibly handsome.

Question 9: What did the landlady offer Billy to drink?

Answer: The landlady offered Billy Weaver a cup of tea.

Question 10: When Billy Weaver rang the bell, the landlady said, ‘I knew you would come’. Why do you think the landlady was expecting him?

Answer: The landlady was expecting him as there was a printed poster with ‘BED AND BREAKFAST’ against the glass and from the outside Billy Weaver could see the bright fire burning in the hearth. The room was filled with pleasant furniture and was looking like a comfortable place to stay.

Question 11: Why do you think the tea tasted of bitter almonds? What do you think was probably in the tea?

Answer: The tea tasted like bitter almonds because it has been poisoned. I think that any toxic solute was mixed in the tea.

Question 12: What do you think happened to the previous two guests?

Answer: The previous two guests Mr. Gregory Temple and Mr. Christopher Mulholland were killed and stuffed by the landlady on the fourth floor in the same hotel.

Question 13: What do you think would have happened to Billy Weaver in the end?

Answer: I think same case happened with Billy Weaver as with the two previous guests. He would be murdered and then stuffed by the landlady.

So, these were The Landlady Questions & Answers.

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